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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.

Letters Page

From Graham Millar

10 August 2006

I enjoy the site very much.

You have started a trend with this website carry on, so much so that I have been persuaded by a youngster from our car club to get one of my own. He did it all. Not bad for a 14 year old.


From: "David Alderson" <>
To: "Michael Leete" <>
Subject: Classical Gas etc
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 11:41:45 -0000

Hi Michael

Many thanks for promoting us in this months Classical Gas, much appreciated. We've been advertising in the saturday Telegraph travel supplement and pleased to say that bookings are picking up steadily. We had some slight alterations made to the website based on the comments we asked for and we think it's pretty good now, hits to date over 1350.  The site will be updated with new photos and information as the season goes on, obviously we're on a fairly tight marketing/advertising budget at the moment and we do intend to produce a small brochure this season ready for 2003. We just had to cobble up something from our computer files when non-computer literate potential clients were unable to look up the website.

Well we seem to have settled in Turkey just in time for their worst winter for over twenty years! We had a thirty hour journey back from UK after Christmas (should have been only eight hours) thanks to heavy snow at Istanbul. It does snow there every winter but they expect about 3cm not the 30cm that hit them in early January. The airport was just covered in snow and ice with all the support vehicles slithering around the place. Adrienne still uses a wheelchair when we are passing through airport terminals and the lift ambulance bringing us from our seven hour delayed London flight into the terminal at Istanbul managed to spin out into deep snow on the apron. We spent a shivering twenty minutes out there until they could recover us with a second ambulance. Thankfully the snow blanket stopped short of Turunc by about 80 km but we did suffer biting cold winds for a day or two until things started to warm up again. We know the locals are telling us the truth about the weather, confirmed when we found our neighbour with his children out by our swimming pool explaining to them what the ice was, his eldest daughter is ten years old!

I'm pleased to see that off-road motorsport has started up again in the UK and wish you all well with the 2002 trials season. If you fancy a different trials car I've found the perfect substitute for the Escort Mk1/2 here in Turkey. It's the Tofas Sahin, basically the old Fiat 131 still built in the Fiat/Tofas plant at Bursa. It's a very basic lightly built conventional rear wheel drive saloon with five link rear axle location and McPherson struts at the front. In standard trim the car has about 250mm of ground clearance, the original Fiat design has been modified to cope with Turkish back roads, sump guard optional. A brand new car with 1.4 injection engine and five speed g/box costs circa five thousand Sterling. Two year old models, totally rust free because they don't salt the roads here, go for about two thousand Sterling. Just think, no welding required, hardly any suspension mods required for trials, 13 or 14 inch wheel options, and you can drop in a two litre Fiat twin-cam if so desired. I've used Sahin's quite a lot for exploring the Bozburun peninsular roads locally and I can tell you that they climb on rough stuff very well. I've surprised more than one passing Jeep safari convoy by appearing out of the top of tracks that they tend to avoid.
I exchanged mails with Andrea re publishing TR to TR on the internet but didn't hear anything from you. Did you speak to her about it? She has a floppy disc with the photos but I just attached the text to e-mail when I originally sent it to her, let me know what you want to do, I think Andrea just put the article on a site she runs for club magazine editors.

I liked your piece about viruses, our laptop was infected by one over Christmas, perhaps the one that came from John Prestage, and I've had that hoax from five or six sources, fell for it first time round but managed to restore everything. I find it really annoying, our laptop has become vital to maintaining contact with family and friends since we moved here. Keiron my future son in law is an IT project manager and he told me that in USA, most states, they now impose heavy fines or short custodial sentences on virus writing hackers, then afterwards try to find them permanent employment in the software industry in an attempt to divert their undoubted computer genius into more socially acceptable activities. They would probably get hard labour here, more effective I think!

Best wishes, David Alderson

Editors Note::- I have also heard from David saying he is writing a book on Trolls and would love anyone who has any information on the cars or drivers to get in touch.

From: "Tim Whellock" <>
Reply-To: "Tim Whellock" <>
To: <>
Subject: MCC Exeter Trial
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 10:06:29 -0000

Actually, the wife didn't beat me last year in the Austin 7 on the Exeter Trial.  She got a bronze, a result just good enough not to a complete embarrassment yet not too good that she's never allowed back in the driving seat again, and I got a bronze, unofficially, on the year's Exeter.  So phew, we're even. The Whellox with an 'h'.

From: "Tim Whellock" <>
Reply-To: "Tim Whellock" <>
To: <>
Subject: web site
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 09:58:58 -0000

Dear Classical Gas.  Great to see us on the front page of your web site.   Whellock has an 'h' in it by the way and we have our own web site up and running now.  visit us at   Thanks  Tim & Anne.  PS Wasnt the Exeter just brilliant.   Somebody elses turn this year for a Triple.  Great debate in the Whellock camp as to which driver, which car for the Lands End Trial.  And what's more the wife did better than me when she drove the Austin 7 in the Exeter Trial last year.  What >ho.

Editors Note :-

Thanks for the mail Tim.

Sorry about your name. I will try to get that right in the future. I checked out your site. It's nice. I will put up a link from Classical Gas. Hopefully over the weekend.
I guess the A7 and Fugitive are two very diffrent cars. I think you do really well with the Fugitive to get it round the corners with that long wheelbase.


From: "Stuart Cairney" <>
To: <>
Subject: Fingle test
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 21:49:56 -0000


One point about my Exeter that I had conveniently forgotten till I looked at the results was the Fingle special test. Whilst waiting at the start of the test I checked the instructions with Andrew. Wheels on line A, all wheels across B, reverse so all wheels behind B then stop astride C. Right then - here goes blast away there's line B, stop astride liked we normally do AAARRGH; hurridly pull foward so that all wheels are past B then continue, but alas, the marshal has noticed my total brain fade, not suprisingly.

Regards,   Stuart

From: "Ralph Lane" <>
To: <>
Subject: Classical Gas
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 08:38:33 -0600

Hello Michael,
     I just want to say how much I continue to enjoy and appreciate your monthly writings. Thank you very much for allowing me to share in the real world of grass roots motor sports.
     Your piece on Rockingham is most informative. I have been watching this development since first reading about it over here. One can only hope that it will survive in a mostly British market. Calgary has a five eighths oval track at Race City Motorsport Park, but sadly it is showing signs of neglect and the stresses from 'big rig' races. With barely a million people in the local area it has been a struggle for the owners to keep the seats filled with enthusiasts. However this has not dampened the spirit of another entrepreneur who has invested considerable funds in a place just north of the city, called Ricky Bob Raceland. It is a bit of a family fun centre that incorporates a couple of large rental kart tracks and an oval for Baby Grand National racing. I've not seen it yet but when I have I will try and put something together for Falconry.
     All the best to you and yours for now.


Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the nice words. I really like Oval racing. Ambition is to see a
NASCAR eace on a half mile oval!

As you know things have been pretty quiet here because of F&M. However,
Andrea drove a nice car in a trial last w/e.Watch out for the pictures.


From: "Russell Filby" <>
To: <>
Subject: Turner
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 12:22:22 +0100

Hi there,

Enjoyed reading your article on Turner, The Bardon Turner is still raced in historic 500cc events by Mike Anthony and I saw the car at the 2001 Burford historic specials day.

I am Russ Filby and manage the Turner Site you have linked, with Dennis Kawabata in Seattle. My father and I own 2 of Jacks cars, a 1959 950S and a 1960 MK1.

Keep up the good work


From: Ian Davis
To: "''"
Subject: Cotswold Clouds
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 10:05:22 -0000

Hi Mike

Just had a peek at your Cotswold Clouds report currently under construction (well it is Monday morning...) all good stuff as usual.

You've got me down as cleaning Merve's Swerve and failing Climperwell. If only - in fact it was the other way round! I have never ever cleaned Merve's Swerve and it is probably my least favourite of all trials sections. If ever there was an artificial tree-weaving section then surely this is it? We did get to the restart this year but then just couldn't move at all - still, better than last year when we couldn't even get off the startline!

The buggy seemed to be well down on power and after recalling our conversation at the MCC dinner after the Exeter I was wondering if was going to have to think about a re-build. As it turns out I think what's really needed is more routine maintenance - I couldn't even get the 2/000ths feeler gauge in the points gap...

I've also had a look at routecard - which just goes to show what a good job you do with Classical Gas - keep up the good work!


Ian Davis

Editors Note - Ian, I have altered the text but the original sounded better. My least favourite trials hill is Highwood 2. I just hate reversing back down! Thanks for the nice words about CG - Michael

From: Pete Hart
To: "michael leete" <>
Subject: Cotswold Clouds Report
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 07:38:15 -0000

We thought you better know that it was Nigel Moss who was the Clerk of the Course on the Clouds last Sunday. Ian was an entrant. Pete enjoyed the chat room but at times it was difficult to connect up the differing parts of the conversation.
Cheers Pete & Carlie.

Editors Note - Sackcloth and ashes. I immediately went out and fired the sub-editor responsible for proofreading the copy, As I have said before "Isn't enough that I write the stuff, you don't expect me to read it as well!" Glad you enjoyed the chat. I agree it's difficult when there are sometimes two or three "conversations" at the same time and they are not in synch! I was delighted so many people took part. - Michael

From: John Turner 19 January 2001 12:11

Mike ,
I would appreciate if you could remove the link from classical gas to our club website, as to be honest it is an embarassment to our club. When the site was originally posted it was meant to be continually updated but unfortunately the originator is no longer on the committee and without the necessary passwords we are unable to access it.
When time permits we will design a new site but until then people looking at the existing one are unlikely to be impressed.
Please contact me if you have any queries. I am a frequent visitor to your site which is a good advert for our sport, its always good to hear of other peoples frustrations on the hills it somehow makes my own a little more bearable.

Many thanks

John Turner
Chairman LNCMC 

Editors Note: Have deleted the link as requested. Don't be to hard on the guy. Keeping a Web Site up-to-date ain't easy! Just love the nice words about Classical Gas.  - Michael

From: Fri Nov 24 09:38:38 2000

Hello Michael.

    First off I want to tell you that the Classical Gas pages are terrific. As you know, there's no car trial activity here in the U.S., so having a resource for finding out what you guys are up to is great.
    I noticed on the web forum that there is at least one reader who was curious about trials over here. He might be interested in thinking about TSD Road Rallies, which are held practically every weekend. While generally these have a large timekeeping and navigation component, it's also possible to arrange an event to get pretty much anything you want in the way of classic motorsport. For example, a brief speed test can be put on (on private property) by setting an impossibly high average speed for a leg. Or, you can have a trial section by running a leg up a suitable hill. So if there were any serious interest in running observed car trials in the U.S., there is an existing organizational system that could be used to do so.
    In any case, the recent pictures of the Liege are very interesting. I am having a problem, though, because a few days ago I ran across a page that had a bunch of pictures of the yellow car, including one of the new cast wheel as well as some shots of the cockpit, etc. But now I can't find them. Are they linked on the Classical Gas page?
    Finally, are there any special events planned for 2001? If it's the 100th anniversary of the founding of the MCC, wouldn't that be cause for something out of the ordinary? I might plan a vacation around a suitable fixture...


Doug Hagerman
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Editors Note: Thanks for your Mail Doug. It's really nice to know people are using Classical Gas to follow the sport in other parts of the world. Certainlly makes it all worthwhile for me! I sent you a couple of e-mails last night but I was pretty tired and I'm not sure they made to much sense. Anyway you asked about the Liege. I think the pictures you refer to were posted by Liege creator Peter Davis on the Web Communities Photo Album. There are also links to a couple of Liege sites on the Links page on this site. Also try searching for - Liege Reliant - on Google.
    Yes there are plans for special celebrations for the MCC's 100th. I have posted them over on the Rough Guide. If you want to come and see some trialling over here then I would suggest trying to fit in the Lands End. This has a very special atmosphere and lots and lots of bikes and cars to see.

    If you get the chance it would be nice to have a few words and pictures on some of your grass roots Motor Sport in the States. Do you have any links   to interesting sites.
    btw - I just love NASCAR and hope to take in a visit to see some in the next year or so. - Michael

From Duncan Stephens Fri Nov 17 02:37:19 2000


In case you want to add it to the report, the reason that Neil Mackay retired is that the Corsa's ECU went mad, and started ticking over at about 4000rpm, apparently. That would have made life interesting if he drove it back!!

I think that the recent weather is making a real mess of all our motorsport activities. We have had two sporting trials cancelled due to waterlogged parking areas. The Bristol event last week was cancelled because apparently the farmer could not get his tractor up the wood! Only got a couple of sporting trials left this season before the final in January, one in a couple of weeks, and then a mate is borrowing my car for the Gloucester, assuming that that is on, as it is not the easiest of paddocks to get into. I just need to keep up my form of the last event, somehow. I finished 9th overall, out of 35+, and without two stupid mistakes on the first round would have been third. The embarrassing thing was one was on Dad's where I hit the ten, and the hill was so easy...I was the only person to trickle the first bit though completely so that was even more annoying. Anyway, you have to put all these things down to experience don't we?!

Anyway, had better go and get on with some work.

Speak to you soon.


Sat Nov 04 03:11:36 2000


As footnote to John Lees` Edinburgh - I gather from one of my motorcycling buddies that the results for class A were questioned with regard to class A and that as a result it was agreed that they should have in fact climbed Corkscrew and not Old Longhill, thus Chris Brown was the only class A competitor to follow the correct route. At least John didn't get excluded as he feared.

On this occassion it  does seem a bit thoughtless for the organisers to change the sections for the bikers but to leave reading the amendment till breakfast begs the question what if that last sentence had said "breakfast halt is now changed to the Saltbox"........ O.K. it's easy for me to sit under my tin lid with my wipers going and say that but s**t happens and there will be occassions when last minute alterations are required.

Regards,   Stuart

From: Sidney Hirst
Sent: 02 August 2000 12:15
Subject: Edinburgh Trial

Hi Les
    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sidney Hirst from New Zealand. I will be spending 2 months in the UK from the 29th August to the 24th October and will be competing in Sporting Trials most weekends however I would love to see a Classic trial and this one would fit in with our itinerary. I am hoping to see cars such as the Dellows and Trolls Competing as well as others.
    Can you give me some idea where the trial is and where it goes ie some place names. I have an excellent AA road atlas of Britain.

Regards Sidney & Valma Hirst

Editors Note:- No I haven't changed my name. The "Les" is The Edinburgh's Les Bowler. I have e-mailed Sidney with some details and we may be seeing him at "The Marquis" and on Bamford Clough.

From: "Andrew Rendle" <>
Subject: web site
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 20:17:17 +0100

Dear Mike
I am starting to put a web site together for Launceston & North Cornwall MC. Its up and running on the web at But as you will see it needs a lot of work some time in the very near future I will secure a domain name and have it hosted properly. As I work for a web integration company I haven't any excuse really. I would like to place a link from our site to the classical Gas site as well as a couple of others if you have no objections to a link please let me know, and any suggestions for links would be very much appreciated .Once the the season gets under way again and you venture down here I will introduce myself and twist your arm for an article for the club magazine.

All the best

Editors Note - Good to hear of more trials related web sites. I have started a section for these on the links page. I'm a bit concerened that Andy is a "computer pro" as he will probably show my definately amature efforts up for what they are!

Sat Jun 17 07:42:30 2000

Hi Michael,

As you will see, I've finally made it through the maze and set myself up a personal account.

You may already have heard that Tony Driscoll died recently. I'm not sure exactly how many current members of Falcon knew him, but I've put an obituary to him on the Clubs Community page and Andrea will use it in next months magazine. Sad to loose him, but he'd not been well for some time.

The Liege is coming on well, Zoe and I have done about 450 miles in it now (living in Oxford means she is "on the way"), including the MCC's "Summer Run" which was a pleasant day touring the Cotswolds. It has been painted over the course of last week and this, and I am told looks gorgeous, so I'm off tomorrow to have a look.

It is certainly nice to drive and as soon as I get it home I'll come and pick you up for a "trial" run.

I did get my Silver on the Lands End by the way. I was actually recorded as "early" at Perranporth (where Mike Furze was marshalling), which I couldn't understand because of the problems both Peter and Gari had experienced had meant that we were "charging" to try not to go Late. When I asked for my time Gerry Woolcott read it off his computer as 13:35, so I then asked for Gari's (travelling right behind me). That was not on the computer because he "only transfers those who are in for an award". When he looked up Gari's in Mike Furze's book it said 15:36, and mine was one minute in front at 15:35 ! Obviosly profuse apologies followed, but equally obviously they use the computer to do the "early / late / less than threequarters" checks for them, and as we all know GIGO still rules ! So it does pay to ask if you think you were on time.

See you soon, best regards,


From: "Murray MacDonald"
To: "Michael Leete"
Subject: UK Street Map
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 08:32:56 +0100

Re your map link on Classical Gas. I prefer this one:

More info/functions - including grid refs


Editors Note - I agree with Murray this is a great site and I have now put it on the Portal page in place of Multimap which is relegated to the Links section.

From: "Nicholas Woollett"
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 21:34:21 +0100

Thanks for the write up on the March Hare and Land's End Trials. A slight correction here. We cleaned Sugg Lne, Felon's Oak and Beggar's Roost at the end of which, by the barn, the engine lost power and missed badly on power but would tick over OK. To cut a very long story short, I persuaded myself the problem was in the distributor because of the presence of some aluminium turnings when in fact it was the needle valve or carb float sticking, a problem anticipated by the experts but which did not appear on the March Hare apart maybe from the spot where the web site picture was taken. We were towed to a garage in Ilfracombe who pronounced the car OK apart from some clutch slip in fourth gear.

I decided to proceed to the lunch halt so we could at least have a go at Bluehills and cleaned 1 easily but cut out again on 2.

Conclusions: Take plenty of electrical spares Keep an open mind Restarts with 70 lb ballast are a vast improvement Do something about the carburation

Since the Land's Ends we attended the Dellow AGM the following weekend near Hointon in MTT with no problem.

Later, discussions with Southern Carburettors insist that the anticipated problem with a downdraught Webber carb on MCC events is actually due to poor air filtration ands sure enough the car only has a horizontal pancake gauze filter !!

A further peculiar problem, but not directly trials related is the distressing habit of oil spittting out the breather of this rebuilt (by an expert) Cortina Mk II box. This only happens after prolonged motorway or main road (A303) use. I have checked the level and replaced the existing oil with Syntrax universal on Castrol's technical support suggestion. Any ideas.

Keep up the good work and we will be back

Nick Woollett

From: "Chris Chamberlain"

Subject: Google
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 23:27:45 +0100

You're right, is a brilliant search engine!

I stumbled across your Classical Gas website after a conversation in my local Real Ale off-licence where I noticed a couple of pictures of trials cars on the back wall.

Whilst not a trialler myself, I am very interested in off-road driving and motoring oddities and noticed that one of the vehicles thrashing up a hill seemed to be a Reliant Regal with no roof.  The owner (of the off-licence & the vehicle) told me a little about it, including the name of the car - Old Spot Piglet - which had no trouble in finding.  (He had told me that it had had a mention on the internet.)

I am interested in the Leige Classic Sporting Car and wondered if you would know where I could find a ready-built example for sale.  I wouldn't necessarily want to use it for trialling - I just think it's a brilliant looking car and haven't the time to build one myself - so would be looking for a roadworthy one with MOT etc.  I already own a BRA CV3 (a 3 wheeled kitcar based on a 2CV) and it appeals to my muse to have one 3 wheeler based on a 4 wheeled car and one 4 wheeler based on a 3 wheeled car! (I also have a Discovery to satisfy my off-road urges!)

Congrats on a great website,

Chris Chamberlain
Tonbridge, Kent.

PS I attach photo of my BRA for your reference.

Editors reply:-


Thanks for your e-mail. You should talk to Peter Davies about the Leige. He is the guy who builds them. My buddy Simon Robson (seen in a White Skoda on Classical Gas) has just bought one, ready built, and hopes to trial it on the Lands End.

I believe around 20 have been made and there probably aren't that many going second hand.

You could try joining the Classical Gas Web Community - link from Classical Gas. Leige have a Web Site. Link on the Classical Gas Links Page.

btw - The builder of The Old Spot Piglet, Duncan Welch, has written about his creation in the current Triple, the MCC Magazine.


From: (Neil Forrest)
To: <>
Subject: Kyrle Report
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 12:04:16 +0100

    I found it great to read your enthusiastic report of the Kyrle - and almost un-nerving to see your first pictures (on Tuesday morning) of the 6,7,8 deviation on Snompers where I'd stood with Adrian Marfell on Saturday afternoon.  Especially to see the very tree we cut down and lifted clear (a near-hernia experience!) a fortnight earlier.

Perhaps an organiser may offer a few corrections before the report goes much further, as your words and pictures are worth it.

Home page headline:  as your picture shows, it was Adrian, not Julian Dommett, who pipped Pete Fear to the Trophy. He did this while dropping over an hour (unnecessarily?) on the road - and thus suffered much worse ruts! The section after Snompers is TOMLIN Splash - nothing to do with Jon and Pat in Stratford...The picture on Snompers should be captioned Stuart Harrold and IAN HALE getting a good mark.

There was no restart for 3,4,5 on Cuddleigh Bank, just for Class 8 and bikes on the steep bank.The section after Cuddleigh was WALLSPRINGS - a long run up a steady mud track which has, however, an old stone bottom.  Everyone said Thank Heaven! At Lane End, the marshal's writing has now confirmed that Murray Mac did indeed score 8 and so he's second in Class 4 and gets full marks for honesty. We're sorry that both, separate, Scorers read the sheet wrongly. The Ross Club is saving up for a lorryload of gravel to dump on Deep Dean. In 2001 you'll hear mutters about chipped screens... If we can get extract the lorry and run the section!

Thanks for taking all these on board.  Your Report glows with enthusiasm for the sport. Good on you!



To: <>
Subject: Kyrle Report
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 22:54:01 +0100

    Another good report but one small point to put the record straight on Cuddleigh bank classes 1 to 7 all went up the track to the left the restart was for 6 and 7 only. Only class 8 attempted the original hill. We did this to allow us to run the 2 sections together so as to clear the backlog that had built up.


Pete Hart

Editors Note :- Many thanks to Pete and Neil for the corrections. I always appreciate feed-back, especially when I get my facts wrong! I also spotted another one myself, I had called Judy Phillips "Julie"!

From Ken Green Date: 28/02/00 22:49

RE: MCC Events that you are welcom to enter

You are invited to both these events MCC members will get the entry forms in the club mail.

Road Runs


What to do if the Sun Shines

After the Exeter Historic we decided that it would be a good idea to expand the summer activities of the MCC from one Road Run to two and invite some selected clubs to the events. Both are all tarmac and non damaging.

The events are suitable for any road legal vehicle, in the past everything from the family shopping car to pre WW1 belt driven Motorcycles have entered, It always amazes me what vehicles people have hidden in their Garages.

The first event is The Summer Run, this has been a great success and the format will be the same as previous years, that is a leisurely drive round the Cotswold’s with some pre-war tarmac trials hills for you to storm up.

This year the date is 4th July, starting and finishing at Mickleton in the Cotswolds - as in past years, I can’t tell you where we will be going I don’t know myself – yet! Enter and turn up on the day and find out! The route will be about 80 miles of motoring down byways, a cream tea will be available at the finish – please pre-book this with your entry.

The new event is The Mid-Summer Run for the people who live in the "Frozen North" and will cover the Derbyshire and Cheshire areas.

It will start at Ashbourne and finish at a Private Museum in Cheshire.

The route will be approx. 80 miles long and there will be a "Something to do on the route" element for the car crew to keep them awake.

There are refreshments close to the finish at a café.

The date is the 23rd July entry forms for both events will be sent in the usual MCC mailings. The Summer Run with Triple and The Mid-Summer Run with the AGM posting

If you are not a MCC member please send let me know if you want to do the event and I will Email you a set.

So clear the date(s) in your Diary and we hope to see you on the events in your Pride and Joy, so get polishing now!

Ken Green

From John Rhodes

26 January 2000

Here in the classic trial starved wilds of deepest, darkest Yorkshire we do not often get a chance for real sporting action. I have the opportunity to visit my recently removed daughter in Exeter on condition that I look after her screaming brats for an evening as well as take in a local trial. I am due to go for the weekend of 20th Feb, which I believe is the Holworthy. Where is it, who is on email that I can contact and is it worth a six hundred mile round trip, the screaming brats don't count.


John Rhodes

Editors Comment:- Can anyone give John any advice on this one?

From James Alexander

30 December 1999

Dear Mike,

JABS gets two mentions in two months !!!! I cant believe it. At long last a motor club covering the often ignored and noble art of sporting trials, magic, thanks very much again. Did you get my last mail ??

In response to one comment regarding the JABS being much like a small truck may I defend the ethos that surrounds the JABS experience.

She is built to make the most of the cast iron block, that is to add stability on arduous climbs and steep cambers. Indeed the great John Boswell has often commented on the added grip afforded on full lock as a result of the iron engine. Wet weight 280 kilos, 70 horse power, (250 hp/tonne)

True, she is no mountain goat admittedly but in terms of fulfilling the following criteria she is the best car in the world. To drip oil on my garage floor/drive/trailer/face (Delete as appropriate) To make a lot of noise going on the trailer at 10 pm or 6 am (delete as appropriate) To stimulate conversation whenever she see's the light of day. " I remember seeing these on television" to quote an oft said line. To remind me of the halcyon days of my childhood when all hills were climable !!

Anyway must get on now, I have 5 tonnes of coal to collect from Northampton, better get the JABS out !!!!

With best wishes and in good humour,

Please pass on my best wishes to all the members for a peaceful and prosperous New Year.

I am yours etc.

James Alexander

Editors Comment:-

Many thanks for your e-mails. Sorry I didn't reply to the first one. I have been really sick now for nearly a month. However, I am now feeling a bit better and coming back to the world of the living! Appreciate your mails - which I will add to the "letters" page so others may share!

btw - The stuff on the site is what I am interested in - Beetles - Classic Trials and anything to do with Falcon Motor Club + What other people contribute. I would really like to expand it to include more on PCT's, Sporting Trials and Bikes - but I need help!

Best wishes


PS - Have you tried to join the community?

From Robert Porter

21 December 1999


First I enjoy reading Classical Gas its great keep it up. I noticed that you were looking for a Trials Marlin there is one for sale in the Marlin OC mag. I have a swb Roadster not yet prepared hence the call.

Do you of anyone who can fit Ford diffs into Leyland axles, the vans are very rare now.

I have attached an article written for the MOC mag about using may Marlin in the Liege Targa event earlier this year. It was printed in the current mag , if you would like to use it or part for CG feel free, I know its wasn`t a trial but the Marlin connection might be of interest. PS I used to use Beetles in Classic trials a while back and the bug`s biting again.

Yours in sport

Robert Porter

From Nick Woolett

16 November 1999

Thanks for an excellent web site which I find most interesting. Keep up the good work. I have recently purchased a Mk 1 Dellow, MTT 667 which I hope to use in MCC and a few ACTC events next year. Have you progressed with the Dellow site because there was a reference to it somewhere on your site when I looked previously.

You may remember my not very successful efforts on the 1992 Exeter and Land's End in a Talbot Solara !! We finished both events but had a problem with the tight corners at the start of Bluehills.

The history of various hills is particularly interesting. Do you have any information about similar events held in the past in our part of the world (Kent, Surrey and Sussex).


Nick Woollett

Editors Comment:- No progress on the Dellow piece as I really havn't got stuck into the research yet.

Personally the only event I know about down your way is the Invicta which was last held about four years ago. I competed on it twice and actually won my class on one event. The only time I have won anything on a Classic apart from my MCC medals.

Can anyone help Nick?


From James Alexander

22 December 1999


I read with great memories of my day at the Gill Morrell Memorial Trial you article refering to my old bean tin and the great Boswell. Splendid journalism - many thanks. I never met Gill but remember the sun shone all day and everyone had a smile on them that day.

On the subject of trials pictures I know that one of the Fack twins had his car in Autocar ?? some 3 months ago, that may be a good place to look either on the Autocar webpage or by request of back issue. ???

Bit busy right now but will type later.

Best regards

James Alexander

From Mike Furse by Snail Mail

Sent with his Edinburgh report sometime at the end of October

....... On another topic, I enjoyed The Jenkins Chapel debate in Classical Gas (the hard copy one in the Falcon magazine). I think I've found you another one. Again it involves Roger Thomas' MG Trials Cars book which, incidently, I enjoy re-reading regularly. On page 48 there is a large picture of Macdermid on New Mill in 1937. From the competition number, it is obviously not an MCC event. On page 53 there is a picture of Toulmin at New Mill on the 1938 Lands End. C.A.N. May states that New Mill was a new hill on the 1938 Lands End (page 141, Wheelspin). To me, these pictures are not taken on the same hill, unless the start and watersplash are further down the hill to the left of the p 48 picture. May suggests that it would not have been a difficult hill on an MCC event. Did the MCC route turn left at the cottage and up the "escape" route, whereas on this small event the cars had to turn right up the edge of the field? Judging by the lack of wheeltracks, the failed car (?) at the bottom and the wheelspin of the Musketeer, this would appear to have been difficult. Tuck's book lists only one trials section called New Mill, with no location details, so that's no help. I would guess that the 1938 Lands End picture is captioned correctly, but where is the other one if the foregoing surmises are not true? And which event was this? The cottage is of a style and construction common in the Chilterns (brick and flint), but Thomas does not list a New Mill in MGCC Chiltern Trials.

Want another? What happened in 1936 to make Maidensgrove and Crowell so difficult on the MG Chilterns Trial? (Thomas - p78).

Does Roger Thomas know we're pulling his book to pieces!!

Mike Furse

Editors Comment: There is lots more on this topic over at the Classical Gas Web Community

From Mike Warnes

21st October 1999

Hi Michael,

Have a look at the route tab on this page - it makes our local route cards a bit short!!

Hope all is going well with your trialing - my Husky goes mutch better with the 2.0 Sierra injection motor (complete car for 70 pounds!). Last weeks Exmoor trial resulted in two punctures ans a very noisy propshaft U/J - it had no needles in two journels when we finally got home.

Mike Warnes, Exmouth

From Kevin Barnes

21st October 1999

I've been having another look round the sight, I tried logging on to your web community but it dosnt seem to have worked.

I couldnt find the message/article that was around a few weeks ago, regarding trials hills names, I would like to see this again, one that wasnt mentioned was "Tin Pan Alley" MG Car Club Abingdon Trial. I know it had another name but have mislaid it maybe someone else could help. We tried searching for this section a year ago but believe a road to be in its place. Evidently it was a mud bath and there is a picture of the section in Wheelspin.

Cheers Kevin

Editors Comment: The Trials Hill name piece is by Andrew Brown and is on the Web Community at There was a problem last week as Microsoft took the Communities down for a few days while they did some upgrades. I checked it this morning and it's working fine so let me know if you have any problems.


From: Sue Jamieson (Tuckers daughter)

Subject: Classical Gas - The Tucker-Peakes.
Date: 29 September 1999 10:26 pm

Dear Michael,

The wonders of modern science, I wonder what Dad would have thought of seeing and reading about himself on the net!. I have been visiting your site occasionally for a while, but felt compelled to write and acknowledge and say thank you for the wonderful article on the family. Perhaps I could take the opportunity to give you an update and also add some coincidental links.

Firstly, Yes Jeff and I are now living in Launceston, which was not planned but a true coincidence, and am proud to carry on the connection with the Lands End Trial, but we are itching to return to competing in it when other pressures allow, and are currently looking at, dare I say it a Marlin?.  My other main involvement with motorsport is that I am currently Chairman of the British Women Racing Drivers Club, the only organisation looking after the interest of Women in Motorsport, details on us can be found on - for many years our membership, which is by invitation and for holders of National A licences, has been around the 70 odd mark, but following an joint initiative with the MSA approx. 3 yrs ago, and applying for funds from their development fund, to finance a promotion to make the public more aware that women can compete in motorsport, we have totalled around 130 for a couple of years now.

I noticed the picture of the Quiz team in 1972, whether this was the year or not, but I do recall many battles with a team from Camel Vale Motor Club, (not far from me now) and a certain member of their team, who never seemed to get it wrong, Peter Tuthill, well interestingly enough I have just teamed up with him to embark on the publishing of a Book about women in Motorsport, , he is great historian, and not long after we moved hear, (5 yrs ago), he contacted me as he was about the publish a book on Davidstow,, which I am sure you must have seen, which also features quite a bit about the time when Dad raced there.

On another of your pages, mention is made of A F Rivers Fletcher, coincidentally too, the BWRDC have just appointed a new Treasurer, namely, Yvonne Rivers-Fletcher, wife of Jeremy, one of 'Rivers' s sons, and they HillClimb a very interesting Homebuilt Triumph Special - a real classical gas contender, and can just about be seen on the bwrdc webpage under the Coys Festival report. ( The light blue one in the foreground).

I think that's all for now, I am about to start on the SSR's for the Lands End Trial!. A wonderful site and long may it continue.

Susan TP-Jamieson

10 September

From Ron Warren by Royal Mail

Dear Michael,

Your article on the Tucker-Peakes is very good. When HTP left Cornwall for Welwyn, he had digs in Welwyn Garden City and it was there he met Bety.

When I moved to Stevenage late 1935, Shelford and Crowe was a well established business run by Jack Shelford and Bertie Crowe and both were still active in the business when they took the TP's into partnership.

Looking at Classic Car Weekly I see Rivers Fletcher has died. I remember Rivers and his Bugattiat the first Falcon Speed Trials at Tewin.

Yours ...

Editors Comment - I was delighted to receive this letter from Ron who I know to my cost does not suffer fools gladly. Hopefully I can get some of his many experiences down on paper as the basis for future articles.

12 September 1999

From: Peter Davis


Really enjoy your site, thank you for including the Liege Classic Sporting Car in your links. I would be grateful if you would add a link to the Liege-Targa-Liege 1999 Endurance Trail site which may be of interest to class class 7 owners. There are 57 hand built cars entered in this years trial. The route takes cars from Liege in Belgium to the Targa Florio in Sicily and back again. No competition licence is required. The trial starts on the 25th September and finishes on 7th October 1999.

123 competitors booked into 14 hotels through France and Italy. The Guild of Motor Endurance site is: 3 of the cars entered require co-drivers, if you know anybody who may be interested?

Regards Peter Davis.

31 August 1999

From John Lees

Dear Mike,

Very interesting to read your 'classical gas', I am actually a motorcyclist when it comes to competing (back page of 'Triple' issue 70-that's me!).I thought I might enclose a couple of photos of an MCC 3-wheeler being built in deepest Cornwall, it should appear in the Exeter 2000 for its first outing . The owner will be competing in the 'Edinburgh' on his Tiger Cub in the meantime.What is it ,who is building it ? All will be revealed in due course.

John Lees, Penzance.

jb2mini.jpg (19211 bytes)

jb3mini.jpg (19521 bytes)

Click on the thumbnails to see the full pictures.

Editors Comment:- Many thanks for the pics John, looks like an awesome machine. Hopefully you will be able to give us updates on the progress.



24 July 1999

From: Kevin Barnes
To: Michael Leete <>
Subject: Jenkins Chapel becomes Wrynose Pass?
Date: 23 July 1999 19:53

Hello Michael,

Just seen the Jenkins Chapel debate and thought I would try and help.

I to have been to the hill before we found out that the MCC still use the hill under a different name. My impression was that it wasnt the so called "Terror" that it once was but was definetly the right hill.

This image (jenk1.jpg) shows Roddy Baker in a 1.5 litre Le Mans Singer in the Derbyshire Sporting Trial 1934 it a different view of the hill at the first corner that I see you have some modern pictures off.

That stone wall wasnt there if I recall on my visit and the angle of the track looks to have changed providing an easier asscent.

One of the thing that did confuse me with my visit was funnily enough the MG Picture of Lewis Welch that I had with me. Were on the hill was this taken. It looks to flat unless taken at the top somewhere. I have a possible solution to this. I go with the miscaptioning idea of the picture. I think that (99% sure) the picture may actually be of Wrynose Pass on the London-Edinburgh. I enclose another picture of my grandfather J.D.Barnes on this section.

(wrynose.jpg) Its not as good quality as the MG picture but after studying it at high zoom levels I belive that some of the people and features in the background are the same as in the MG picture. I have higlighted them on the MG image highlighted.(mg.jpg). I will have a look at the competition numbers for that trial to see if I am right when I get time.

The caption of the original picture says "J.D.Barnes entering the second loop of the tricky Wrynose Pass Climb in the London-Edinburgh". I think the MG by the way is on the first corner just before this picture was taken.

Hope this sheds some light/debate on the picture.

Kevin Barnes

(p.s I also have some general comments on Jenkins Chapel if you want me to dig them out e.g features, gradient, and description from pre-war files)

Kevin Barnes
Singer Car Web

Editors Comment:- Thanks Kevin (whose grandfather was the well known driver F. S. Barnes). I think we are getting closer and closer to solving this mystery. I havn't posted Kevins pictures yet. I will do that soon in conjunction with a new page drawing all the Jenkins stuff together.

Can anyone else chip in? btw - If you han't seen Kevin's site you should drop by There is some good stuff on Classic Trials.


30 June

From Stuart Cairney


Don't know if you get Meridian ITV channel where you are but tonight at 10.30 there was a prog called The Road Show which included about 3minutes of this year's Land's End. I just managed to get the video on in time to capture shots of Hazel's climb of Blue Hills 2 along with 'Super Dud' and Primrose with yours truly screeching to a halt on the Penzance test. If you didn't catch it I'll lend you the original tape.

See you soon


Editors Comment:- Guess what. Despite Mike Hayward e-mailing me over the week-end, and me intending to put a trailer on the site I missed it as I was watching my favourite American cop show on Channel 4!

26 June 1999

From Pat Toulmin


Further to the debate about Jenkins Chapel, the photo of Lewis Welch is not on Jenkins Chapel. Indeed it is not even of the 1935 Sporting Trial - in Donald Cowbourne's excellent and well researched trials book, details found on, Lewis Welch was number 89 on the Sporting Trial (see page 463). In the photo you publish he was number 75 and this is the number he ran on the 1935 Edinburgh Trial, 7th and 8th June. This had 4 sections only - Park Rash, Summer Lodge, Wrynose and Hard Knott. The latter two are in the Lake District and it seems likely that the photo is on one of these.(See pages 190, 256 and 283)

I attach two photos that Maurice Toulmin stated are Jenkins Chapel. Both photos are by W J Brunell. The one of JB 7521 we took with us on the walk with Tony and Derek and we were able to confirm that it is Jenkins, the buillding is still there and the approach road was very characteristic and exactly the correct shape. This photo was used as the basis of the drawing on the cover of Roger Thomas's excellent book on pre war MG Trials Cars, published in 1995. We have other photos of Maurice on Jenkins Chapel.

It should be fairly easy to check the Morgan one, the fields in the background are a characteristic shape.

Best wishes,


PS The section which we use today on the MCC Edinburgh Trial known as Calton was called Taddington Moor in the 1930s.

Editors Comment - Super to get this e-mail from Pat (Editor of Re-Start, Author of the ACTC web sire and co-organiser of the Cle Hills). I plan to publish the pictures she enclosed as soon as I can grab a few minutes from the day job.

28 June 99


KTM 191 on your thumbnail

The above is a Dellow,Chassis No. 3311151, Engine No.C631640. Current owner R.Fransen The chap in the picture is Ron Dellingpole founder of the car , his partner was Ron Lowe hence the name Dellow. A healthy Dellow register exists,for all you need to know contact Jim Harvey. My own car is a Dellow Mark 1, 1950  I look forward to your summer article


Editors Comment:- Now guys and gals, John's not 100% right is he. Any other ideas?

22nd June 1999

From Andrew Brown

Michael - Jenkins Chapel

Having started this correspondence I thought I'd better do a bit of serious research. So here goes ...

I don't where you got the original photograph from, but it is on Page 34 of Roger Thomas' excellent 'M.G. Trials Cars' book where it is captioned as"Lewis Welch in Athos on the 1935 M.C.C. One Day Sporting Trial in Derbyshire at the upper part of Jenkins Chapel". The registration is clearly shown as JB 4606 and the competition number as 57.

JB 4606 was one of the three MG NEs (1287cc) which ran in the 1934 TT, were converted to trials cars for a short period in 1935 when they ran as 'The Three Musketeers' team, and were then re-converted to race cars for the 1935 TT. According to Roger Thomas they entered only four trials (Lands End, Edinburgh, Abingdon, and Rushmere) and the Welsh Rally. Donald Cowbourne's book lists Welch in a 1287cc MG Magnette in both the Lands End (No.399) and the Edinburgh (No.57), and in a 1408cc Magnette in the MCC Sporting (No.89). So, unless there is some amazing coincidence, I think it's a pretty fair assumption that the picture was taken on the 1935 Edinburgh. But where is it?

Cowbourne lists only four Observed Hills for the 1935 Edinburgh - Park Rash and Summer Lodge in the Yorkshire Dales, Wrynose Pass and Hard Knott Pass in the Lake District. I'm not familiar with any of these hills but have seen enough photographs of Park Rash and Summer Lodge to be pretty sure that it's neither of them unless the photographer stood at a particularly unusual location. There's a picture on Page 256 of the Cowbourne book of an AC in the 1935 Edinburgh at a location that looks remarkably like the Welch MG picture. So, does anyone recognise either of these pictures as somewhere on Wrynose or Hard Knott Passes?

Pat Toulmin has a lengthy account of the 1935 Edinburgh on the ACTC Web Site but it doesn't say anything really useful like "Lots of entrants failed in front of the photographer on ........"! However, from the Light Car account of the weather, and the general dullness of the two photographs, it would seem to support my view that's it one of the two Lake District hills. My money's on Wrynose Pass, but I'm not really a betting man.

Any more ideas?


Editors Comment:- I think Andrew is getting near the truth now. He, I and a lot of others would really like to hear from anyone who can add anything to this fascinating saga. Can those of you from "trials families" repair to the loft and look through Granddad's photo album please!


13th June 1999

From Tony Branson (of DAF and now Marlin fame, one of our really keen triallers who comes all the way down from Hexham to compete)

Hello Michael,

Congratulations on an excellent website.

Reference Andrew Brown's letter about Jenkins Chapel/Corkscrew, I share his doubts that the old picture of the MG is really this hill. I too have spent some time with Jonathan Toulmin poring over old trials photos trying to recognise which section they are. It's amazing how much the landscape changes over the years, trees move and cottages sprout or lose chimneys.

After the 1993 Edinburgh Jonathan, Pat, Derek and I walked the section and I bemoaned the fact that class 3 didn't get a shot at it. I have since gone up it twice in the Marlin and my propshaft tunnel has the scars to prove it. I attach 4 photos I took that day. The first shows the section from across the valley, The second the infamous first corner with Derek having a little trouble on the restart and the other two the rocky steps in the upper reaches. Hope they are of interest.



Editors Comment:- Very interesting E-Mail from Tony. I have published his pictures on the Jenkins page. Any other ideas on the authenticity of the original picture? If it's not Jenkins where is it?


9 June 1999

From Simon Woodall

Re: A Fishy Tale

I don't read Classical Gas as often as I might, it galls me to watch the 'phone bill ticking up! I therefore missed the above when it came out originally. I would therefore like to add two points to the storey to correct a couple of details.

1, I am not Margaret's son, she is my Aunt. I am Victors son. This is an error Tucker made when compiling the details for the MCC book and seems to have passed into history.

2. Although Margaret was the first woman to win a Triple, it is only fair to reveal the whole truth behind this. Margaret and Maralyn both achieved their goals on the same trial but as Margaret had an earlier number she finished first and therefore it was she that took the honours of being the first woman to win a Triple.

3. Woolford Special Mk2 with which Margaret won her Triple. A typical special - A7 frame plus Ford 10 engine, but with the engine so far back in the frame that the prop shaft was only six inches long. It was the overwhelming success of this vehicle that caused the RAC to introduce the spark plug to front axle measurement and thus was the National Trials Formula born!.

Editors Comment:- Great to get this E-Mail from Simon. I freely confess my accuracy isn't always up to my enthusiasm to get into print, just like a real jouurnalis! Joking apart I really appreciate this sort of help. I'm under a bit of pressure from the day job at the moment but I'll update "A Fishy Tale" as soon as I can. Many thanks Simon.


5 June 99

From, Duncan,,


On the site that you posted about the "fishy tail story" the date says
July 97, on titles!!!!

Just thought that you might wish to know, as it may be a mistake!


Editors Comment - July 97 is in fact correct under the perverted Classical Gas system. The site is basically an Internet version of the "real" Classical Gas which is a supplement I do for the Falcon Motor Club magazine. The dates are in fact the dates of that magazine, hence you will find July in June! "A Fishy Tail" was published in the July 97 Falcon magazine. This was also published on the first or second Internet version. After about six months I started to take stuff off the site (or so I thought) as it was so difficult to work with CompuServe's Home Page Wizard as the size grew. When I moved to Front Page I found that most of the stuff was still there and I had only killed the links! As this is the "graveyard" period with no trials to write about I decided to re-instate the link as most of you have only come on board relatively recently and probably missed the original.

Keep those E-Mails coming. I appreciate hearing from you.


28th May

From Andrew Brown (ACTC Rights of Way Officer)

Michael -

Re: Your page on Jenkins Chapel.Although I'm familiar with the picture that you show of the MG (and I too have seen it categorically captioned as being taken on Jenkins Chapel), I've never been entirely sure that this is correct. I've never been to the hill except when competing, and one never has time to look at the view from that point(!), but my recollection of waiting at the start line is that the backdrop (now of trees) is much lower and further away than shown in the MG picture. Any comments?

Jonathan Toulmin and I have a whole 'catalogue' of mis-captioned or un-captioned photographs in various books but I haven't tackled him on this one - I'm still on a 'mission' to track down the various 'Kinetons' and 'Guitings' used in 1930s before venturing further afield.


Editors Comment - I've always been worried about these pictures being Jenkins too. The one of Dudley definitely is as it was given to me by the photographer (Mike Furse) but I'm relying on the captions on the other pictures I scanned. Can anyone help or comment? One of the problems I have on Classical Gas is that with "the day job", Trials car preparation, home and family I don't have any time left for research! I concentrate on (hopefully) writing stuff that's fun to read and updating the site pretty often so people come back and read it regularly.

If any readers can provide any information on old trials hills both Andrew and I would love to hear from you.


27th May 1999

From Simon Clemow ,

Hi Michael,

I'd just like to say that your site is excellent entertainment and always has well written interesting reports on the trials. As a recent recruit to the world of classic trials I always enjoy reading the articles.

One suggestion for a useful addition to the site would be a calendar of classic trials. As a beginner it would be very useful to be able to tell which trials are coming up and a contact number for entries, as I don't always know there on until they've appeared on your site!



Editors Comment - Thanks for this Simon. I will certainly add a calendar and will try to do this in the next day or so.


18th May 1999

From: Andrew Brown (Andrew is the ACTC Rights of Way Officer)

Michael -

I don't think I've ever e-mailed you to let you know how much I've enjoyed your site. Pat's ACTC site (which I've had a good look at on disc) will be excellent but it is very much an 'official' site and I think she wants it to stay that way. Yours is more personal although far too Falcon-centred for those who are not members!! I do find that it 'struggles' sometimes - presumably a limitation of using free Compuserve space - and I'm accessing via an ISDN line.

I'm hoping that Pat will add a Rights of Way page with links to all the various ROW sites that I've found, but that may have to wait for Update 2 - and I'm far too busy on other ACTC stuff to set up one of my own.

Keep up the good work.


Editors Comments - Nice to get this E-Mail from Andrew. It makes it all worthwhile when you hear people are actually looking at your stuff. Sure Classical Gas is Falcon centred. It's a bit like when I wrote to Tom Trelfall complaining that he didn't publish many pictures of Beetles in Triple. He wrote back and said that's because he thought they were boring!

I confess that Classical Gas is totally self indulgent. It's mine and I write about who I like, what I like and when I fancy doing it. The site is not a mouthpiece of Falcon Motor Club, yes I am a member but I am not an official or anything like that. In CG I wallow in my own views and opinions but I am a Falcon fan and the site majors on it's members and their activities. I also indulge in featuring other people and cars that I admire. The great thing for me is that I am not forced to tow a "party line". I can be a bit controversial and sail close to the wind sometimes. As for those who read the column, you must admit it's excellent value for money. You get exactly what you pay for!

Interesting to hear the site struggles to load sometimes. I don't notice that myself as I use an ordinary modem. I have E-Mailed Andrew and asked him to send me his ROW links. I would welcome links from anyone who finds some good ones.

Anyway, It was great to hear from Andrew. Without people like him putting in the work they do we wouldn't have a sport.


14th May 1999 - Received an interesting E-Mail from Pat Toulmin. There is an official ACTC web site on it's way. Watch this space as Pat is a professional so you can expect something a bit classier than this sites amateur attempts.

From: "John Duncan Stephens",
Date: 01/05/99, 15:54 PM
Re: Re : Website


Your website is fantastic. I keep looking at it to find out the current trials results and stories. Just some more information for you to add in if you want.

Dad and I (PCT'ers) watched Cutcliffe and Hoskin on the Lands End. Cutcliffe was really hard, but seemed to get easier for the last ten cars. The answer to climbing it appeared to be flat off the start and then feather the throttle through the gate and then once straight floor it again! However David Hazeldeen in his Golf went through it absolutely flat out!!! Commitment or what.

We then went straight to Hoskin. The class two cars seem to come round the corner flat out and then just keep going. The restart was pretty evil, though some did get off. A 1835cc beetle trickled off the line, finishing Graham Brasier's chances of a triple! A fair few Marlin's and class 8 cars got up, with a lot of commitment generally. The pinto engined Imp got off late too. Apparently it has a VW floorpan, transmission, 2000cc Pinto engine, Imp body and 14'' wheel, and tremendous traction. A fantastic climber.

Ken Payne was driving the Golf that Nick Pollitt drives on PCT's, but with bigger wheels. The amplifier broke after Hoskin apparently.I thought that Nick Pollitt won the Falcon PCT on the 28 - 02 - 99, and not Andy Clarke, as the website suggests.

Thanks again for the hard work you put into the reports, they are really interesting.

Duncan Stephens.

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