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Enjoyable Lands End
Dave Top Mechanic
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Northern Win for James
Muddy Clee to Adrian Marfell
Exeter 2011
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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.

Enjoyable Lands End

A Super Summer Weekend in the West Country

With Easter being so late, and all the dry weather, it was a very different Lands End. Perhaps the hills lost their competitive edge but the nice weather made it a super event. As it happened some of the later hills took their toll on clean sheets and Bishops Wood and Blue Hills 2 reduced the medal count. Although competitors on MCC events compete against the club rather than each other winners are declared on the basis of Special Test Times and the seemingly invincible Nick Farmer won the Field Trophy.

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James Shallcross negotiates the taped deviation on Beggars Roost. James retired later with drive shaft problems. (Picture by Dave Cook)

Michael Leete ploughing through the Crackington clay. Just look at it round the front suspension (Picture by Kevin Alexander)

Having queued for a long time Class 2 winner Nigel Hilling successfully restarts Stan on the tricky Bishops Wood (Picture by Dave Cook)

Alistair Vile climbing Blue Hills 2 with a little help from his friends. Was that machine responsible for the "improvements" (Picture by John Salter)

With glorious weather and a short night because Easter was so late it was a different sort of Lands End Trial this year. Competitors enjoyed the nice weather and relaxed atmosphere which more than made up for some of the hills not being competitive as they were so dry.

There were some toughies though. Crackington had been well and truly doctored, with at least three trailer loads of very sticky clay.  This took its toll and Tris White in his Troll was one of many to miss a gold in the clag. Tris had also been shown as failing Hoskin in the provisional results but this was amended in the finals along with several others.

Bishops Wood is normally an innocuous hill for the lower classes. However, this year they had a fearsome restart on the bank up to the cross track. Even classes 1 and 2 had to attempt this. Only one car in Class 1 was successful and unsurprisingly this was David Haizelden in his familiar VW Golf. The failures and the hill being shared with Class 0 caused considerable delays here, especially as it proved far to challenging for the majority of the motorcycles.

Hoskin was another section to have a restart for the lower classes this year. Although it was on quite a slope there was grip and most succeeded. Not so local man Hans Viertel who lost his gold here in front of his Camel Vale club mates.

There was a big crowd on Bluehills for the finale. Many competitors feel Blue Hills 2 has been spoilt by the maniac JCB driver as the turn into the deviation is ridiculously tight. many got round although some needed to go up the bank to do it. Matt Denny found it far to much for his Fugitive and lost his gold here.

All in all a very enjoyable trial though. Long may we continue to have such a wonderful way to spend Easter.

Published 31 May 2011

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