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Enjoyable Lands End
Dave Top Mechanic
Dean wins Dry March Hare
Northern Win for James
Muddy Clee to Adrian Marfell
Exeter 2011
Exeter in Class 0

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Northern Win for James

James Shallcross was best overall, dropping 11 marks in his Class 1 Peugeot 205 on an excellent, but poorly supported, Northern Trial

Despite the wet conditions there was plenty of grip on most of the sections. Fell Side had got their class Handicaps pretty much right, with only two marks separating the first three overall, representing three different classes. Michael Leete made a rare visit to the award winners circle and was second overall, dropping 12 in his familiar Beetle, followed by Nick farmer on 13 in his Cannon Alfa.

In car Video by Class 1 Winner James Shallcross, Video Blog from Michael Leete and some other stuff

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Michael Leete's Video Blog

James Shallcross had a perfect drive to overall victory (Picture by Dave Cook)

Dean Partington battling with the Sandale restart  (Picture by Dave Cook)

Michael Leete made an rare visit to the awards (picture by Dave Cook)

Nick Cross sticking his nose in the mud on Sandale (Picture by Dave Cook)

The organisers must have been very disappointed to receive only 19 entries in the main car classes, reduced to 17 starters when the field left The Stocksman in Wigton.


The action commenced with Jonathan and Pat Toulmin in charge of the first special test. This was on some wasteland at a venue used for a section called Oblivian on the first Northern Trial. This was immediately followed by a muddy section named A Bolivian. There were no re-starts but the higher classes had a deviation, costing Nick Farmer a valuable mark which would be significant later.

Into The Forest

Section 2 saw the first of many forestry sections, the hallmark of The Northern Trial. Despite the apparent mud on Black Hole there was quite a lot of grip and like many of the sections the ruts were not as deep as in previous years. Steve Kenny was having issues with his Liege and dropped nine before retiring a few sections later with a broken A arm and cracked axle case.

After a seven mile road run the trial entered Whinlater Forest for a concentrated batch of sections, starting with Sheepfold, which saw some high scores. John and June Blakeley were in charge here with John conducting a noise test for good measure. Roger Goldthorpe was best of the Lieges on 11 with both Julian Lack, and the shortly retiring Steve Kenny, loosing a full 12. The hill didn't seem to suit lower powered cars as although there was plenty of grip there wasn't a lot of run in to the initial steep slope.

Snow on the Hills

Climbing through the extensive forest, some of the overnight snow remained when cars got to Ullister Hill, to get their picture taken by Dave Cook. There was plenty of grip lower down the stoney track but the section continued when this gave out and it was muddy at the top. Only Dean Partington went clear to be the only car remaining with a clean sheet.

There were some superb views down to Bassenthwaite Lake on the way round the sections in this part of the forest, before the route retraced its steps, going back on the road for a short distance before entering Hobcarton Plantation. Everyone lost marks here but it wasn't until Ladyside B that Dean Partington lost his clean sheet.

Dean didn't loose any more marks until the penultimate forest section at Routens Romp, where fell Side had introduced a deviation into the trees for all, preceded by a restart for the higher classes. This was to decide the trial. Like most of the 7's and 8's Dean dropped nine here, while the leading (and non-restarting) lower class competitors went clear. As difficult as this section was for the higher classes Nick Farmer proved it was possible and this put him into the overall lead of the trial.

Sandale Decides the Winner

It was fitting that the final section at Sandale decided the winner of The Northern Trial. The higher classes had their usual restart in the mud. None of them could get away, costing Nick 3 marks and dropping him into third place behind James Shallcross and Michael Leete, who had made good consistent climbs all day.

All in all an excellent trial with good sections and plenty of marshals. Lets hope it will be better supported in the future.

Class Driver/Car Marks
Overall Adrian Marfell (Lancia Special) 9
0A Ed Wells (Dutton Melos) 28
0B Chris Maries (Suzuki X90( 30
1 James Shallcross (Peugeot 205) 27
2 David Golightly (Ford Model A) 47
3 James Smith (BMW 318i) 56
4 Sam Holmes (VW Beetle) 36
5 Keith Sanders (Reliant Scimitar SS1) 36
6 Vic Lockley (VW beetle) 46
7 Pete Hart (Marlin) 12
8 Mike Chatwin (DP Wasp) 10


Added 24 February 2011


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