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Exeter 2011

A Tough Trial with Simms on Form

Although it was a wet night the sections themselves didn't present to many problems to most competitors. That was to change after breakfast. Both Wooston Steep and Simms cutting the medal count. It was Class 5 that scooped the pool when it came to golds. As none of them went clear on Simms it didn't count in their results.


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The Trials nearly over as Peter Bullen rounds the corner at the top of Slippery Sam in his 1172 Dellow Mk1 (Picture by John Salter)

Dennis Greenslade on Fingle on one of the growing number of trialling MX5's (Picture by John Salter)

Having braved the wet night the sun shines on David Jackson as he comes to the Wooston restart in his FPS (Picture by Dave Cook)

ACTC Secretary Stuart Harrold restarts his Troll on Wooston and sees why its called Wooston Steep (Picture by Dave Cook)

Nick Farmer looks cool and relaxed as he crests the summit of Simms in his Cannon Alfa (Picture by John Baker) Sidevalve Stalwart Nigel Hilling just didn't have the power in his 100E powered Ford Anglia (Picture by John Baker)

The sections didn't trouble too many people during the wet night, although Simon Woodall might not agree after being penalised for running back on Clinton. Come the next morning things got tougher and Woosten Steep and Simms combined to reduce the medal count.

As usual classes 7 & 8 had to tackle the full hill at Wooston after a very muddy restart. This made for a difficult challenge, especially for the early numbers and very few made the summit.

Simms was next and the old hill was on form this year and less than 20 cars crested the summit although there were some spectacular attempts and broken machinery. Simon Groves gave a spirited performance before the bottom pulley cried enough and disintegrated, much to the relief of bouncer Tony Underhill who was suffering from all the tyre smoke! Brian Alexander was another who came to grief when the diff failed on his Suzuki X90.

Things were running a bit late when the later numbers got to Slippery Sam and found the marshals had gone. However, the MCC credited them with a clean so it didn't adversely affect their results.

Published 15 February 2011

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