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Guy Fawkes Trial
Gill Morrell Trial 05
Edinburgh 2005
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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.

Guy Fawkes Trial

Geoff Hodge was the resounding winner of Falcon’s Guy Fawkes Trial at Kensworth on 6 November. Driving his RDT in the Clubsport event Geoff mastered the wet conditions to come home 16 marks ahead of Jack Williams who was making a very welcome return in his Tempest. Colin Weeks was the National B winner on Index although Robin Howard had a lower score.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them. email Michael if you would like a Hi-Res copy. Click here for the report and here for the results.

National B winner Colin Weeks in the queue in front of Peter Morleys Dutton Melos

Geoff Hodge won Clubsport and had the lowest overall score in his RTD.

Alun Lewis had to retire during round two when his Marlins engine wouldn't run.

It was really nice to see Jack Willimas back at Kensworth, pictured here storming hill five.

Jonathan Baggott on the very difficult hill six.

Mike Hinman and Jerry Hughes both had an excellent third round and Jerry was best novice.

Tim Smith in his Peugeot 309.

Robin Howard burning his way up Peter Mannings Section Six. Robin had the lowest score in National B but lost out on Index.

Simon Groves in characteristic action (picture by Ed Nikel)

New organisers Ed Nikel and David Smoley had a worrying time prior to the event as it rained for several days and on Saturday they even considered cancelling. Fortunately Kensworth’s upper slopes had been very dry underneath and absorbed most of the water, leaving a fair amount of grip, despite the rain that fell all day. There were 27 entries, which was reduced to 24 on the day after a couple of non-starters, including Mark Tompkins who dislocated his shoulder playing Rugby during the week.

Richard Tompkins was one of the drivers setting the pace on round one, along with Geoff Hodge, Jack Williams and Roger Dudley in Clubsport and Colin and Michael weeks in National B. All were driving rear wheel drive cars; the ground conditions being against the FWD boys, even though some of the sections were quite tight. Section six was the one that really sorted things out. There was a very muddy patch on a steep gradient, with a 90 right just after. Geoff Hodge was the only Clubsport driver to negotiate the 90 right and even he couldn’t get past the five. In National B Alun Lewis actually cleaned the section in his Marlin, the only driver to do so.

At the end of round one Jack Williams was leading the trial, having only dropped 10 marks, eight of them on the notorious hill six. One mark behind came Colin and Michel Weeks and Geoff Hodge, all on 11. Robin Howard was on 12 and best FWD car, then Roger Dudley and Richard Tompkins on 13. Roger had replaced the diff he broke at Brickhill and straightened a steering arm as well. Richard was very pleased with his Imp, now fitted with an ex-Ed Nikel engine.

Geoff Hodge had an excellent 2nd round, only dropping 10 marks (5 of them on hill six) giving him 21 at the lunch break. This was a full nine marks less than Roger Dudley on 30, with Jack Williams and Richard Tompkins on 31 and Simon Groves on 32 after an excellent second round.

In National B Michael Weeks and Robin Howard were equal on 31. Robin running ballasted in class B on this occasion. Running un-ballasted Colin Reid had the lowest 2nd round score in his Nova but couldn’t pull back his losses on round one. Lunch provided the marshals with some respite from the rain and they were able to shelter in an open barn along with the chuck wagon, which Ed Nikel had thoughtfully arranged. Unfortunately we had lost Alun Lewis during Round 2 when his yellow Marlin’s engine wouldn’t run and he had to retire.

Mike Hinman put in a storming performance after lunch and cleaned round three but couldn’t make up for his scores before the break. Geoff Hodge continued an excellent drive to drop six to end the day on 27. Jerry Hughes also had a really good last round of 11 and won the Novice award. Jack Williams dropped 12 to win class D. Roger Dudley slipped back but still won the Best Falcon award.

In National B Robin Howard had a really good third round, dropping 7 to finish on 38, ten better than class rival Chris Smith. Robins score for the day was 38, lowest in National B and second only to Geoff Hodge overall. Robin had overhauled both Colin and Michael Weeks who finished with 72 and 74 respectively. However, after the index was applied National B honours went to Colin and Robin had to be satisfied with a class win.

David Smoley produced a rapid set of results, enabling everyone to get on their way before the darkness set in. Well done all for a very good Falcon Guy Fawkes.

Click here for the Results


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