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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.
18 April 2004

Falcon Officials

Mike Hayward sent in this interesting list of past Officials of Falcon Motor Club


Mr David Chiles 1948-1954
Mr Frye 1954-1956
Mr Desmond Scannel 1956-1962
Mr Peter Harper 1962-1978
Mr Herbert Tucker-Peake 1978-1994
Mr Ron Warren 1994-Date

Vice Presidents

MR Paul Sapsed 1948-1989
Mr Geoff Bradford 1948-1978
Mr Peter Harper 1958-1962 & 1978-2003
Mr David Chiles 1958-1978
Mr Peter Elba 1958-1961
Mr Tommy Bridger 1960-1991
Mr Peter Allison 1963-1972
Mr Desmond Scannell OBE 1969-1972
Mrs Betty Tucker-Peake 1970-1992
The Hon David Lytton Cobbold 1976-1996
Mr Ron Warren 1978-1994
Mr John Tojeiro 1984-Date
Mr Neil Bray 1997-Date
Mr Alan Davies 2001-Date


Mr Herbert Tucker-Peake 1948-1953 & 1968-1978
Mr David Chiles 1953-1958
Mr Peter Allison 1958-1962
Mr Derrick Fleming 1962-1965
Mr Peter Turner 1965-1968
Mr Alan Davies 1976-2001
Mr Michael Hayward 2001-Date

Vice Chairman

Mr Peter Allison 1954-1957
Mr Derrick Fleming 1957-1962
Mr John Tucker-Peake 1962-1971
Mr Alan Davies 1971-1976
Mr Ron Warren 1976-1980
Mr Simon Robson 1980-1985
Mr David Maitland 1985-1991
Mr John Parsons 1995-2003


Mrs Edina Chiles 1949-1953
Mr Peter Elba 1953-1955
Mr Ron Warren 1955-1978
Mr David Maitland 1978-1980
Mr John Prestage 1980-Date


Mr John Jarman 1949-1962
Mrs P Bromley 1962-1964
Miss Annette Berry 1964-1970
Mr Edward Coughlan 1970-1976
Mr John Newberry 1976-Date

 Competition Secretary

Mr David Chiles 1949-1953
Mr Herbert Tucker-Peake 1953-1967
Mr Roy Robins 1967-1968
Mr David Maitland 1968-1978
Mr John Prestage 1978-1980
Mr Murray MacDonald 1980-1981
Mr Terry Fisher 1981-1988
Mr Steve Whitman 1988-1995
Mr Michael Hayward 1995-2001
Mr Michael Pearson 2001-Date

Membership Secretary

Miss Gladys Warren 1972-1978
Mrs Caroline Maitland 1978-1980
Mrs Hazel MacDonald 1980-1981
Mr Michael Hayward 1981-Date


Mr Alan Piggott 1957-1963
Mr Derrick Donovan 1963-1966
Miss Maralyn Tucker-Peake 1966-1978(Nee Knight)
A Jones 1978-1977
Mrs Ginny Robson 1977-1982
Mr Michael Hayward 1982-1988
Mr John Sparrow 1988-1994
Mrs Sue Prestage 1984-1997
Mrs Andrea Lane 1997-2003
Mr David Alderson 2003-Date

Social Secretary

Mr Nevil Blow 1952-1953
Mrs Betty Tucker-Peake 1953-1969
Mr David Ovey 1969-1973
Mr Neil Bray 1973-1978
Mrs Andrea Lane 1997-2003

Press Secretary

Mr John Tucker-Peake 1952-1957
Mr Wilf Hawkes 1957-1959
Mr Cyric King 1959-1962
Mr Alan Wakeling 1963-1968
Mr David Bickell 1968-1973
Mr Michael Leete 1973-1976
MR C Brown 1978-1979
Mr Jim Pearson 1979-1982
Mr Steve Whitman 1982-1987
Mr John Sparrow 1987-1990
Mr Minish Khambhaita 1990-1993
Mrs Gill Moffat 1993-1996
Mr Andy Clark 1996-1999
Mr Arnold Lane 1999-Date

Awards Secretary

Miss Susan Tucker-Peake 1967-1972
Mr Steven Prestage 1984-1995
Miss Veronica Caspari 1995-1999
Mrs Francis Webley 1999-2003
Mr Peter Manning 2003-2004
Mr Dave Nash 2004-Date

Committee Members

Mr J Sommervile, Mr J Bradford, Mr R Hudgell, Mr K Dhonahu, Mr D Chiles, Mr N Blow, Mr P Elba, Mr P Harper, Mr Smart, Mr P Allison, Mr E Elbea, Mr D Fleming, Mr M Lawrence, Mr T Bridger, Mr V Fortin, Mr T Dives, Mr D Emmett, Mr R Horsenill, Mr W Hawkes, Miss G Warren, Mr B Butler, Mr D Allen, Mr A Preston, Mr M Vincent, Mr F Sully, Mr C Beadle, Mr D Bickell, Mr K Taffs, Mr R Robins, Mr D Maitland, Mr P Knight, Mr A Davies, Mr J Fish, Mr M Leete, Mr R Collins, Mr J Prestage, Mr S Robson, Mr D Teuton, Mr T Driscoll, Mr S Whitman, Mr S Long, Mr M Davies, Mr A Parry, Mr T Pointon, Mr N Bray, Mr P Jackson, Mr N Goldfinch, Mr I Walker, Mr J Southcott, Mr G Melton, Mr P Brown, Mr C Khambhata, Mr P Moffat, Mrs A Bray, Mr T Goggin, Mr M Furse, Mr M Pearson, Mr A Lane, Mr C Morrell, Mr P Manning, Mr D Thompson, Mr I Lawson, Mr E Nikel, Ms J Fleet

Dot Parsons, Ron Warren and John Parsons

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