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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.


2009 Stuff

31 Dec 09

Falcons usual March Hare Working party will take place on 16 January, the Saturday after the Exeter. The work is mainly cutting back brush and clearing fallen trees. EMail Michael at if you would like to help out.

Claire Oakes Brickhill Trial Videos added to the Video Playlist

Regs are out for:-

North Devon MC Exmoor Trial, ACTC event on 31 January - Click Here for more information

Cambridge Car Clubs Roger Holmes memorial Trial on 24 January - held on a smooth grassy field - Click Here for more information

28 Dec 09

Click Here for Regs for Falcons Brickhill Trial on 14 February

27 Dec 09 Christmas Quiz - Question 3

Click Here for the question which concerns the car on the left.

24 Dec 09 Christmas Quiz - Question 2

Click on the picture to get a bigger version

Thanks to Ian Lawson for sending in this picture. We would like to know Who, What, When and Where. Just to mention we don't know all the answers ourselves! You can participate at

If you are not a member of the Classical gas Message Board you can email

24 Dec 09

The Answer to Question 1

Fredrick Smith, with cigarette, the founder of Wicliffe Motor Co Ltd, with William Paddon on Nailsworth Ladder.

The car is a 10 hp Hampton, made at the Dudbridge works in Stroud from 1919 until 1931. The photo is actually from 1914, when the cars were being made at Kings Norton, Birmingham. The car was one of four to make a clean ascent that year, and appeared regularly in the annual ascent of the Ladder in August. Probably a bit easier than in February, but an impressive performance nonetheless.

The Hampton was known as ‘The Master of the Hills’, and its history is comprehensively documented in Trevor Picken’s book, ‘The Story of Hampton Cars’. See William Paddon was a director of the company.

Many thanks to John Hammill for sending me this question and perhaps more importantly the answer!

I'm awarding equal first prizes to Nick Farmer for identifying Nailsworth Ladder and Mark Simpson for identifying the car as a Hampton. An honourable mention to Dave Cook who sent in the answer by email.

Also interesting to look at this link off an ad at the time

23 Dec 09

Christmas Quiz - Question 1

a) Where
b) What
c) The story behind the photograph

No more clues at this stage! Members of the Message Board can post their answers at where you can keep track of progress. Non members can email

17 Dec 09

The Regs are out for Fellsides Northern Trial on Saturday 13 February. More Information

The Northern wasn't held this year as organisers weren't available. However this year its back with Derek (DAF) Reynolds, David (Escort) Miller, Fred (DAF) Mills and Tony (Marlin) Branson joining the team.

15 Dec 09

(Picture by Jade Bray)

Paul Bartleman won the final ACTC Champioship round, The Camel, on 6 December. As you can see from this picture of Dick Bolt there was some mud around. There was a delay for some of the lower classes at the Bakewood sections but afterwards things ran smoothly.

Click Here for the Results on the ACTC Site

Click Here for YouTube Video

6 Dec 2009

Regs are now available for The Clee Hills Trial on 24 January. After many years of sharing Clerk of the Course duties Jonathan Toulmin and Simon Woodall have handed the reigns to Adrian Tucker-Peake and Graham Austin.

With Adrian's heritage I think we can look forward to some innovations!

You can download the regs from The Midland Automobile Club Site. Regular competitors will have received an email inviting fully electronic entry and payment, another Clee first I think. As a Clee fan my entry was entrusted to Postman Pat before being aware of this system. If you can't compete marshal but don't miss this one.

3 Dec 2009

Colin Biles and Dick Munns fighting for grip on one of the new Lakeside sections on Sundays very wet Allen Trial. There were quite a few clean sheets and Paul Bartleman won the event on Special Test Times.


Click Here for the Results


Videos by Rory Pope, Michael Leete and Keith Sanders


Pictures by John Salter


Pictures by Michael Leete and Chris Bird


28 Nov 2009

With thanks to Claire, Nigel and Murray

15 Nov 2009

Emma Robilliard negotiating her way over Putwells Dinosaur Eggs on her way to a Triple. (Picture by John Salter)

Click here for the finished Edinbugh Report

15 Nov 2009

Regs for the Allen  on 29 November and Camel on 6 December are available on the ACTC Site, along with recent trials results and the latest championship positions. It looks like with three outright wins Paul Bartleman has a lock on the Wheelspin. With the top 5 in the Wheelspin dropping out of the Crackington that trophy is still very open. Although he is in eighth place relative newcomer James Shallcross is in with a shout. Go James go!

On the subject of the ACTC are you a member? If you are into Classic Trials you should be. Doesn't matter if you don't plan to compete for the championship or even if you don't compete at all. You can get the excellent Re-Start magazine posted or emailed to you four times a year for a mere £11 a year. Packed full of reports, interesting articles and news, 95% of the material is unique to Re-Start, you won't even be able to read it on Classical Gas! Click Here to subscribe to Re-Start or even better join the ACTC.

11 Nov 2009

Published Don Stringers Edinburgh Trial Pictures from Wigber Low and Bamford Clough in the Photo Gallery

4 Nov 2009

The Torbay Trial organising team are looking at including bike classes for their trial on 7th  March. However, being car orientated, the team need someone from the bike community to help them out if this is to happen so they can do justice to two and three wheel competitors. Keith Sanders is the man to contact. If you can help drop me an email at and I will forward his contact details.

31 Oct 2009

Text in place for the Edinburgh report. Pictures and links to other stuff to follow

22 Oct 2009

Still working on The Edinburgh report. However, I have more or less finished my personal recount of Class 0 in a Sidevalve Dellow

20 Oct 2009

David Butler has revised the British Motor Sports Association for the Disabled Web Site which can now be found at

As most of us are getting older its worth looking at this site to see how are various conditions affect our competition licence. Trialler Neil Bray, who only has one arm, found them very helpful when he wanted to go racing and had to battle with the MSA.

20 Oct 2009

Dave Cook has published his photos of the Edinburgh and Ebworth Trials. Dave was a brave man to stand out in that wind at the top of Calton!

16 Oct 2009

In car Ebworth Video by James Shallcross

16 Oct 2009

The provisional Edinburgh Trials results have been published on the MCC Site

Simon Groves won last Saturdays Ebworth Trial. Click Here for the results on the ACTC site

15 Oct 2009

Julian Lack and Kevin Barnes at Brickhill last Sunday. Click here for the report

12 Oct 2009

Geoff Hodge, in his Dellow inspired RDT, was best overall in Falcons Brickhill Trial yesterday. Click Here for the results

10 Oct 2009

Been doing some tidying on the site. Have created the placeholder for the Edinburgh stuff which will be here soon. Have deleted the Metcheck link. The site is no longer active as the webmaster is detained elsewhere

2 Oct 2009

Follow Michael in his Class 0 Dellow The Edinburgh Trial Refresh your browser for the loop to start again. If there is a link click on it for a picture.

2 Oct 2009

Regs for  Strouds Ebworth Trial on Saturday 10 October and Launceston & North Cornwall's Tamar Trial on 25 October are available at the ACTC Web Site

29 Sep 2009

Michael reports on doing the MSA Classic in his Dellow

24 Sep 2009

Alan Davies

Alan died last week, finally loosing his long battle with cancer.

Alan started his life long interest in motor sport with Motor Cycles. The first time I met him was around 1970 when he was Autocrossing his daily driver, a new Mk1 Escort. Later Alan had dedicated Anglia and Escort Autocross machinery. He was very successful with these cars and dominated the London Counties Championship for many years.

In the long time he was a Falcon member Alan served the club in many of its offices, including the formidable job of taking over the chair from H. W. Tucker-Peake. In more recent years Alan steered the club through changing times when many clubs folded, guiding Falcons amalgamation with the former SODC trials group.

A gentleman in every sense of the word Alan was 83 when he died. He will be sorely missed.

The funeral  will take place Tuesday 29th September at 2.45pm at Harwood Park Crematorium, Watton Road, Knebworth, Herts, SG2 8XT


24 Sep 2009


Paul Wheatley pictured in action by his family on Sundays MGCC Midland Centre Trial at Burton Dassett on Sunday. Nigel Weeks was the overall winner in his Imp. Click Here for Brian Osbornes report

Meanwhile down in the West Country Paul Bartleman was best car in his Troll on The Taw and Torridge. Click Here for the results

16 Sep 2009

Paul Bartleman won Sundays Torbay Trial.


Click Here for Provisional Results


Click Here for some great pictures John Salter has published on his site

Regs are available for Minehead Motor Clubs Exmoor  Clouds Trial on 18 October and will be available on the ACTC site soon

9 Sep 2009

Regs are published for Falcons Brickhill Trial on 11 October

29 Aug 2009

News of the Torbay Trial from David Haizelden - "Entries for the trial have been coming in at a great pace,40 in total. Keith, Greg and myself have been spending the weekends uncovering the sections and we are finding it difficult to drive down the hills let alone drive up. With restarts for all classes on Tipley and Simms its going to be tough day."

Jonathan Baggott has send details of the Kop Hill Climb Commemorative Run on 26/27 September.

Updated Brands Hatch Report with more pictures

24 Aug 2009

David Howard wins both Post Historic and Group 1 while Neil sets new Lap Record at Excellent Brands

18 Aug 09

Regs published for the MGCC Autumn Trial at Burton Dassett on 20 September. Click here for more information

7 Aug 09

Regs are published for Holsworthy Motor Clubs Taw & Torridge Trial on Sunday 20 September. Click Here for more details

Just to mention I am no longer updating the old Rough Guide. Information is now on the New Rough Guide which can be found further down this page.

30 Jul 09

The Regs are now published for The Torbay Trial on Sunday 13 September.

The organisers say:-

Torbay Motor Club are running the Torbay Trial as a championship round in place of the Exe Valley. The event will be described as not for the faint hearted!

Organisers are Greg Warren, Keith Sanders and Dave Haizelden

The trial is starting and finishing at the usual place, The Exeter Court Hotel, 2 miles at the end of the M5 motorway. Simm,s and Tipley are being used along with some old Torbay fav's not used in over 10 years, namely Baddaford Lane and the fearsome Lower Dean. we have also found some new hills near Ashton never been used before.


Details on The Rough Guide


Regs and Entry Form on The ACTC Site

29 Jul 09

The weather looks pretty bad for Classics on the Common. If the forecast stays like this I may not go. So don't wait for me at the Truck Stop! - Michael

24 Jul 09

Its Classics On The Common this coming Wednesday 29th. Falcons, Friends & Gassers who want to park together on the common will meet up at Markyate Truck Stop and travel in convoy, leaving at 15.45.

19 Jul 09

Henry Surtees, John's son, died after a racing incident at Brands Hatch today

14 Jul 09

A good time was had by all at the MCC's Testing Trial on Sunday with Bill Rosten achieving significant honours. Some regard this as a useful opportunity for testing including Dave Haizelden (pictured here by Dave Cook) who experimented with another ton of lead in the front bumper.


Pictures by Dave Cook


Pictures by John Salter


Lots of reports and stuff on The Message Board

11 Jul 09

Its interesting to follow triallers in the summer. Jonathan Toulmin (pictured here by Dick Gowen at Loton Park) is leading the Toyo Tyres Midland Speed Championship Click Here. Jonathan is driving Marengo 2, powered by a 1090cc Suzuki GSX-R engine.

9 Jul 09 Links to Pictures galleries by Marc Lawrence and Mike Hayward added to the Snetterton Report
7 Jul 09

Falcon Motor Club Marshals attending to their duties at the weekends Goodwood Festival of Speed. They got all the dirty jobs as usual but were commended for their hands on attention to detail.

4 Jul 09

Completed the Snetterton Report

29 Jun 09

Snetterton report being finalised. However Click here for the draft

12 Jun 09 Ilkley report finished.
11 Jun 09

Simon Woodall and Barbera Selkirk won a very wet Ilkley Trial on 17 May.

3 Jun 09 The 30th Anniversary of the ACTC and 25th Anniversary of the ACTC Championships Dinner & Awards Ceremony is to be held on Saturday 13 June at the Padbrook Park Hotel, Cullompton.  If you haven’t ordered your tickets by Saturday 6 June please contact Tina Allaway or Giles Greenslade as soon as possible to ensure a place. Click here for contact details.

7 May 09

More work on The Lands End Report

5 May 09

"If you go down to the woods today...."

Michael pictured by Peter Mountain on The Bovey Downs Trial, won by Nick Farmer.

Click Here for the report

24 Apr 09 The Site has been slow recently. Could be the Twitter and race for Life Widgets so I have patched them out as a trial. You can still access June's Race for Life Site from the link in the right hand menu bar.
23 Apr 09

Duncan Stephens reports on The Kyrle Trial

20 Apr 09 Lands End Report started. Check back there often as I am working on it all the time.

14 Apr 09

Click Here for the Thruxton report

The weather was grey, the grids were thin,but the racing was good. With the Capri still hors de combat after Oulton Neil was only racing in Group 1, in the 1300 class. The car isn't going very well in its new guise and Neil finished tail end Charlie, albeit with a class win, as Brian Goodwin retired with cooling system problems.

Jim McLoughlin won Group 1 and David Howard Post Historic

8 Apr 09

Its The Lands End Trial this weekend. You can get an entry list and spectator guide on The MCC Site.

All being well I will be posting live reports on Twitter which will appear on this home page.

8 Apr 09

Video by Duncan Stephens - Andrew Rippon (VW Baja) and Harvey Waters (Ford Popular) on Jack and Jill

Gary Browning dropped only one mark in his Class 6 Beetle, to win the Kyrle Trial on 29 March, beating Dave Keat in a similar machine on special test times. Former ACTC champion Terry Coventry took Class 8 in his nicely restored Marlin V8. It was a dry trial, living up to its tough reputation, despite the low scores and a couple of drivers will be paying a visit to the local panel beater before their next event.

Full Results on the ACTC Site


Video Playlist


Pictures by Dave Cook


Pictures by Don Stringer


Pictures by Dave Sargeant


The Kyrle reported on The Classical Gas Message Board

5 Apr 09

Ed Nikel followed up his win at the MGCC Midland Centres Ledbury Trial with a win at Falcons Edlesborough Trial on 29 March. This time Ed did drop marks, well one anyway. Ross Nuten challenged Ed until his Dellow Mk2 retired with a misfire. In the front wheel drive class David Holmes débuted a Honda CRX which impressed everyone with its power, a bit different to David's usual Fiat Panda.


Click here for the full results.


Click here for Pictures by Barry Walker


Click Here for Pictures by Mike Hayward


Click Here for Videos

5 Apr 09

Ed Nikel (Dellow Mk2 Rep) won The MGCC Spring Trial at Ledbury on 22 March with a clean sheet. Click here for Brian Osborn's report. The next MGCC Trial is at Burton Dassett on 20 September. Videos by Claire and Alan Oakes.


21 Mar 09

Peter Mountain reports on his Mechanics Trial, won by Stuart Roach, pictured below by Dave Cook.

18 Mar 09

Regs and Entry Forms are now available for:-


Windwhistles Bovey Downs Trial on 26 April


Ilkley&DMC Ilkley Trial on 17 May


Classics on the Common on Wed 29 July (PDF)

16 Mar 09

Stuart Roach won yesterdays Mechanics Trial, organised by Stroud&DMC


Click here for the full results (PDF)


There are some pictures on The Message Board

14 Mar 09

Have removed the Frappr Map active link that appeared below the disclaimer in the left hand menu bar on each page of the site. The Frappr map can still be accessed from the text link in the left hand menu bar but it doesn't seem very popular!

12 Mar 09

Dean Partington, pictured below re-starting on Hill Farm, won Sunday's March Hare Trial.

Click Here for the start of the report

1 Mar 09

A reminder of two excellent single venue trials that are taking place later this month, each having an infamous, if rather dog eared Classic Trial competitor involved in the organisation.


22 March - The MGCC Midland Centre will be running their Spring Trial at Lintridge Farm near Ledbury. Brian Osborn is Secretary of the meeting. Click Here for more information and Click here for some Video of the 2007 event


29 March - Falcon Motor Club will be running their Edlesbrough Trial near Dunstable. Michael Leete is Clerk of the Course. Click here for more information and Click here for some Video of the 2008 event

24 Feb 09

Falcon Page Updated. Falcons its our AGM and Prizegiving Thursday 5th March. Its in Milton Keynes, not the Rugby Club

12 Feb 09

Cotswold Clouds Video Playlist. Click here for acknowledgements or if the link above doesn't work


11 Feb 09

The regs are available for Ross & DMC's Kyrle Trial on 29 March

Click here for new way of looking up info

11 Feb 09

Paul Bartleman won Strouds Cotswold Clouds Trial in his Troll on 1 February, dropping only three marks, all lost on Highwood 2.

Tristan White was 2nd, cleaning Highwood 2 but loosing Marks on Wicked Juniper and Merves Swerve. "Tubby" was deriving his familiar modified Hillman Imp in class seven, but we look forward to seeing him trialling his newly acquired ex Anne Templeton Troll.


Click Here for full results (PDF) on the ACTC Site


Click Here for lots of comment, pictures and Video on the New Classical Gas Message Board

9 Feb 09

Regs are published for Strouds Mechanics Trial on 15 March. A non-championship event it promises a relaxed atmosphere and some different sections.

Regs and Entry Form can be downloaded from either the ACTC or Stroud and District MC Sites

Also a reminder that is Falcon's Southern Autos Trial at Brickhill this Sunday 15 February. Click Here for Regs

4 Feb 09

Maureen Chattle

It is a very sad day. Maureen died yesterday, finally loosing her long, painful but incredibly brave fight against cancer. The disease would have taken a lesser person sooner, but Maureen did not give in easily, even going abroad for treatment that allowed her to experience more of life.

Maureen drove on many MCC trials, driving her partner Ross Nuten's Dellow Mk2. I am sure your thoughts will be with Ross and Maureen's family at this very sad time.

Maureen at Goodwood in 2008

31 Jan 09

The migration appears successful


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30 Jan 2009

The migration will start tonight, Friday 30 Jan at 21.00 I am not sure how long the process will take. Probably all the weekend as once the data has been successfully migrated I have some re-configuration to do. members will probably receive an automated email from the new system hosts inviting you to log on. Please don't do that until you get the green light message here

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Please bare with me


28 Jan 2009

The migration of The Classical Gas Message Board from MSN to Multiply is scheduled for this weekend 31 Jan/1 Feb.


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25 Jan 2009

Entries are coming in for Falcons March Hare Trial on 8 March. Starting and Finishing near J9 on the M1 there will be around 14 sections in Beds, Herts and Bucks with many on natural byways. Click Here for more information or visit the official March Hare Trial Website

Regs are also published for Falcons

Southern Autos Trial 15 February 2009

Edlesborough Trial 29 March 2009 (Clerk of the Course Michael Leete!)

Regs are available for The Launceston Trial on 15 February. EMail Adrian Booth at

14 Jan 2009

Started The Exeter Trial Report Check it out but as you will see there's still lots to do so meanwhile enjoy the Videos


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