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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.


2005 Stuff

28 December 2005 - The Dakar starts on New Years Eve. Click here for The Dakar Web Site and Click here for Dakar technical stuff. is a pretty neat site.

Pictures of The Allen Trial added to The ACTC Site

The Exeter Trial takes place on 6/7 January. Lots of information on The MCC Site including an Entry List and Spectators Guide.

24 December 2005 - Link to Wikipedia added on this page (try looking up Dellow) and to Limewire on the links page for those of you that got an MP3 player this Christmas.

getacro.gif (2359 bytes)

22 December 2005 - Classical Gas on PDF for December added.

12 December 2005 - Michael's December Musings added.

10 December 2005 - Report on Camel Classic added. Final Championship positions are published on the ACTC site. Congratulations to David Haizelden on winning The Crackington Trophy.



7 December 2005 - Click here for Final Camel Results. You will see that Simon Woodall's score has been amended and he now takes the premier award in Class 8. Ian Davis is now 3rd overall and 2nd in class. According to my calculations this doesn't affect Ian's Wheelspin Championship.

6 December 2005 - Paul Bartleman scored a resounding victory on the Camel Classic. Falcon's Ian Davis (pictured left) was 2nd overall and winner of class 8. This was enough for Ian to be the ACTC Wheelspin Champion, having overtaken Adrian Dommett in the table after the summer break despite Adrian having reverted to his Class 8 special in an attempt to come to terms with Ian's challenge.

1 December 2005 - Site Stats for November added.

30 November 2005 - Falcon's Jamie Turner and Graham Dance won The Lombard Revival rally in their Rover Metro. Jamie's brother Owen pushed him hard until his gearbox failed. Click here for more information and on the picture to the left to enlarge it.

Gary Browning won The Allen Trial with a clean sheet in his class 6 Beetle. Results on the ACTC Site and The Bristol Site.

Pictures and some notes on the event on The Classical Gas Message Board.


28 November 2005 - Hardy Report and pictures added.

Link added to



As I had not known how to communicate Tricia's passing. I can do no better than to repeat John Aley's tribute from the MCC Site.

TRICIA GREENSLADE who has very bravely fought her serious illness for the past two years, sadly passed away at her home at Carbis Bay on Saturday 19th November. Tricia will have been well known to many MCC members after competing on the three major trials since the mid eighties, primarily passengering husband Dennis, but also on a number of occasions with either Phillip Mitchell or Dave Turner. She has in fact helped Dennis achieve five of his triple awards, and Dave Turner to one of his, which is a considerable achievement. The funeral service will be held at St Anna Church, Carbis Bay, St Ives, on Tuesday 29th November at 2.00pm. No flowers, but should anyone wish to make a donation to the Macmillan Cancer Relief Cape to Cape Fund, it would be most welcome.



20 November 2005 - Sticker Martin dropped only 11 marks to win The Hardy Classic Trial. After Woolbridge took their ball away the event was organised by a Simon Woodall inspired coalition led by Tony Young. Put on at short notice, under difficult circumstances, it was enjoyed and appreciated by all concerned. Report later. Meanwhile Click Here for some Pictures.



18 November 2005 - November edition of Classical Gas on PDF published.

Click here if you need a passenger for The Exeter.

Gear Wheels is a nice on line Motoring Magazine with some interesting   articles.



17 November 2005 - Michaels November Musings added.

Results of Ebworth, Tarka and Mechanics Trials available on the ACTC Site. Andrew Brown has posted some pictures of The Mechanics Trial on his Photo Album.


12 November 2005 - Report added to Guy Fawkes Trial page.


7 November 2005 - Results added to Guy Fawkes page. (thanks David).


6 November 2005 - Colin Weeks and Geoff Hodge were winners of National B and Clubmans at a very wet Falcon Guy Fawkes Trial.

Finally added my event report to The Gill Morrell page.


31 October 2005 - Check out Steve Nikel's Motoring Books Site.

Added pictures of The Gill Morrell Trial at Brickhill


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26 October 2005 - October issue of Classical Gas on PDF added.

Michael's October Musings published.

Rough Guide updated with details of Strouds Mechanics Trial on 13th November; Hardy Trial on 20 November and Bristols Allen Trial on 27 November. A lot of work has been done to put the Hardy on after Woolbridge threw in the towel. You can read some notes by clicking here.


17 October 2005 - Click here for the results of Falcons Gill Morrell Trial at Brickhill.

After competing in Class 0 on The Lands end Chris Clarke took on the main event for the Edinburgh. Click here for his report.


11 October 2005 - First draft of The Edinburgh report published.


7 October 2005 - I have moved the News Feeds to a separate page as they sometimes really made this page slow to load.

Regs and Entry Form for the Tamar Trial on 23 October are over on The Rough Guide.

Exe Valley Results are published on the ACTC Site


28 September 2005 - First draft of Pembrey report published.

Cliff Morrell has organised On-Site Catering for Falcon's Brickhill Trial on 16th October.

I plan to post section by section reports live from The Edinburgh Trial over on Michael's Blog. It isn't 100% reliable but that's the plan!. I am with Simon Groves in the last car. If any other competitor or marshal would like to help out with info email me and we can exchange mobile numbers.



22 September 2005 - Ops, sorry Andrew (Martin). Andrew (Brown) actually read the results. It was Andrew Martin who was the overall winner of the T&T, just beating Simon Woodall on special test times. Both only lost 3 marks, as did Tommy Kalber.

Regs for Gill Morrell Trial at Brickhill on 16 October and Guy Fawkes Trial at Kensworth on 6 November are available at the Falcon page.


getacro.gif (2359 bytes)

18 September - Michael's September Musings and Classical Gas on PDF for September added.

Simon Woodall won the Roger Pole Taw and Torridge Trial. Click here for the results from the ACTC site and here for some notes from competitors.

And don't forget to check out Roger Dudleys Scamp Site.


13 September 2005 - Neil's Race Reports for Donington and Snetterton added.



12 September 2005 - Full Results added to September Surprise Autotest Report.

Link to Demon Tweeks Site added.



9 September 2005 - Rough Guide updated with details of Ebworth Chase (8 October) and Exmoor Clouds (16 October), Regs are out for both trials.


5 September 2005 - Roger Dudley FTD at Falcon's September Surprise Autotest.

Thanks for appreciating the Raymond Chandler quotes Julie - I hope you like this one!


MotoGPod Logo

1 September 2005 - Sites Stats for August added.

Added a link to all about MotoGP and Motor Cycle road racing. Read about why Sete really retired at Brno. And if you like Moto GP have you checked out MotoGPod a great Podcast that you can listen to direct on your computer even if you don't have an MP3 player.


27 August 2005 - Falcon Page tidied and RSS Feed to The Falcon Blog added.






20 August 2005 - Some work on the Links Page

Details of the Crash Box clubs Exe Valley Trial added to The Rough Guide.

Latest PDF edition of The Flyer Magazine available on The Classic Touring Car Racing Club Site.


17 August 2005 - Mike Hayward has set up an official Falcon Motor Club Blog. This is a neat way for any club to promote itself and its events on the net without being a computer nerd like Pat, Andrew and I !

One of my claims to fame is that I saw Jimi Hendrix play live and as I wasn't tripping on acid like most if the audience I can actually remember it! If you are another aging hippy like me you will want to catch up with "Room full of Mirrors", Jimi's biography, which is being read by Rhashan Stone on Radio 4's book of the week. Up until Sunday you will be able to listen to this as an audio stream. You can't of course save the file for copyright reasons and please don't use the free program Audacity to capture the stream and save it on your computer or MP3 player.


14 August 2005 - Click here for Regs for Falcons Autotest at Codicote on 4 September.

Reports and Pictures for Cadwell Park and Lydden Hill added to Neil's Racing

Rough Guide updated with details of the Taw and Torridge and MGCC Autumn Trial.


13 August 2005 - Added links to the Formula One Page of SpeedTV's excellent Motor Sport news pages and ITV F1. deleted the Autosport Atlas link from this page as you have to pay and that ain't the Internet for me. You can still find it on the Links Page.

Michaels August Musings added.

Google Earth Links added for Lydden Hill and Donnington Park. (You need the free Google Earth program for this).


getacro.gif (2359 bytes)

9 August 2005 - Google Earth fans. Click here for files to access Motor Racing Tracks.

The August edition of Classical Gas on PDF is now available here.


7 August 2005 - Keith Pettit wins Falcons August Antics Autotest.



6 August 2005 - Check out Neil Bray's racing page with details of the Oulton and Mallory races.

Go immediately to Google Earth, download the software and blow your mind. Do it now.


5 August 2005 - Ian Bates has found a great new trials venue and would like some feedback before going further. Click here for more info.

1 August 2005 - Site Stats updated for July month and various bits of technology applied to this page!

30 July 2005 - Podcasting - the new internet phenomena.

getacro.gif (2359 bytes)

24 July 2005 - Michaels July (and June!) Musings added.

June and July editions of Classical Gas on PDF added.

23 July 2005 - Falcon page updated with details of the Autotest on 7 August and an invite to the CSMA Autotest on 21 August.

Also to mention that falcon will be meeting at the A5 Truck stop Click here for a map at 15.00 on 27 July to travel in Convoy at 15.30 to Classics on the Common so we can park together. Triallers and Classical Gas fans welcome.

And don't forget to check out Michael's Blog where you can read all about Neil Bray's circuit racing and the Classical Gas message Board to learn about changes to the rules concerning suspension mounting points.

16 July 2005 - Classics On The Common will take place on the evening of Wednesday 27 July. This is the biggest informal gathering of Cars and Bikes you will ever come across and is must if you live within 50 miles of Harpenden. Click here for the Classics on the Common Web Site, or here for my report of last years event and here for a map.


10 July 2005 - Sorry that there have not been any updates for a while. Mixture of the day job and other things. Anyway just a reminder that The Herts VW Club have their annual "Show and Shine" this Tuesday 12 July at Redbourn Common, just outside the Cricketers pub. Also for info Neil Bray's next race in his Capri is at Cadwell Park on Sunday 17th July.


18 June 2005 - Check out Wikipedia an Encyclopaedia you can modify yourself.


1 June 2005 - Site Stats updated with May data

29 May - Regs for Midsummer Madness Autotest at Upper Caldecote added to the Falcon Page.

25 May 2005 - Richard Parker was best car at The Ilkley Classic Keith Oakes won class Seven and Ted Holloway had to retire on section 4. You can Click here for the results and here for some pictures.

22 May 2005 - Full Results added to Spring Fever Autotest report.
Neil Bray is leading his Class and is 2nd overall in the BARC/York Fitness Post Historic Touring Car Championship.

Click here to read about Neil's racing exploits.

20 May 2005 - Animal Farm meets New labour (You will need sound on for this) For those of you that love Tony and his friends. You can also check this out here

17 May 2005 - Check out Geoffrey Redman's Austin 7 Links
More pictures and a short report added to Falcon's Spring Fever Autotest

16 May 2005 - Owen Turner set FTD at Falcon's Spring Fever Autotest yesterday

13 May 2005 - Pictures added to The Kyrle Report

9 May 2005 - First draft of The Kyrle Report added. More  work done on the Links page.

2 May 2005 - Started cleaning up and spring-cleaning The Links.

1 May 2005 - Posted Site Stats for April.

May editions of Michael's Musings and Classical Gas on PDF added. Check out Google's Mapping and Directions Site

24 April 2005 Adrian Dommett won a tough Kyrle Trial today.

23 April 2005 - Click here for Regs and Entry Form for Falcons Spring Fever Autotest at Upper Caldecote near Biggleswade on Sunday 15 May. Mike Hayward is Secretary of the Meeting and Michael Leete is Clerk of the Course. Read about the last Autotest at Upper Caldecote

17 April 2005 - Cleared up a couple of inaccuracies in The Lands End Report after reading Roger Ugaldes notes on The MCC Site and getting an email from Graham Austin concerning Felons Oak.

16 April 2005 - Rough Guide updated with details of the ACTC Awards Dinner Dance in Bristol on 4 June, Classics on the Common on 4 June 27th July and The Ikley Classic Trial on 22 May.

Started a Blog and changed the design of this page.

Some of you may remember Brian Butler who competed in the 60's and was regular marshal on The Edinburgh until recently. I hadn't seen him for years but earlier this week he dropped by my house with a copy of the Lands End Telegraph article.

10 April 2005 - Regs for Falcons Edlesborough Trial at Edlesborough on 24th April added to The Rough Guide. You can click here for a report of the last Edlesborough Trial

9 April 2005 - Lands End Report  finished.  Michael's April Musings and the April edition of Classical Gas on PDF added, including an interesting piece on Roger Dudley's Marlin that can't be found elsewhere.

3 April 2005 - Chris Clarke reports on the Lands End from a Class 0 point of view. Site Stats for March added. For those that are interested I have put an explanation of what the various terms mean.

Finally finished sorting The March Hare Report.

28 March 2005 Click below for Lands End Pictures
Blue Hills Two

Click here for the first draft of The Lands End Report.

25 March 2005 - Kyrle Trial and Falcons Edlesborough Trial (both take place on 24 April) added to The Rough Guide. Falcon page updated.

March Hare reports from Christina Dudley and Chris Clarke added.

20 March 2005 - Over on The Classical Gas Web Community Simon Woodall reports on a Lands End write up that appeared in yesterdays Motoring Section of The Daily Telegraph. You can also find this on the web if you Click Here although you may have to register to access the page. This is a super piece of PR. Well done to all concerned.

16 March 2005 - Ross Nuten and Keith Pettit were the winners of Murray's March Hare Trail. Click here for some pictures.


14 March 2005 - Click here for results of Murray's March Hare Trial


6 March 2005 - All the Information is available on The Lands End Trial at The MCC Web Site where you can find an Entry List and information on where and when to spectate on Easter Saturday.


5 March 2005 - Michael's March Musings added. Classical Gas On PDF for March added. Site Stats for February published.


26 February 2005 - Ian Davis won the Northern Trial. Full Results on the ACTC or Fell Side Sites

18 February 2005 - Dave Sargeant reports on his day marshalling Highwood 2 on The Cotswold Clouds


16 February 2005 - Click Here for a Video of Mike Hobbs cleaning Crooked Mustard on this years Cotswold Clouds, the only saloon car to do so. I have lots more Video but can't upload it because I run into bandwidth problems so many of you access it! Thats why this one is so small and poor quality. If you email Michael with your competition number, make, model and colour of your car I will email you a decent sized and quality clip if I have it.

13th February 2005 - Cotswold Clouds Report added.
There's quite a bit about trialling on page 15 of the March edition of Classic and Sportscar, including a piece about The Exeter and  a feature on Neil Bray. If you click on the thumbnail you will get a flavour.



10 February 2005 - Details of MG Car Club Midland Centres Spring Trial on 20 March added to the Rough Guide. It's near Ledbury.  Click here to download Regs and Entry Form. It's a Clubsport Event so you don't need a competition licence. MCC, Stroud and Falcon are Invited Clubs

6 February 2004 - The Cotswold Clouds took place today. Click here for a few pictures to get things started.



2 February 2005 - Michaels' February Musings and Classical Gas on PDF for February added.
Dave Sargeant reports on his Clee Hills Trial.

1 February 2005 - Site stats for January added.

30 January 2005 - A few updates to The Exeter Report.
Lots of stuff on the Clee Hills added:-
Michaels marshalling Experiences
More Pictures

26 January 2005 - Clee Hills report started.

22 January 2005 - Exeter Trial report added. Regs and more details on Windwhistles Bovey Downs Trial on 10th April added. Nigel Brown sent some notes following my Dellow piece.

17 January 2005 -  Exeter Video's added, shot on Simms by Stuart and Andrew Cairney.

16 January 2005 - Regs and Entry Form for Falcons Southern Auto's PCT at Great Brickhill on 20th February added to Rough Guide and Falcon pages. (MSA, BTRDA & ACSMC)

9 January 2005 - Exeter Pictures Added.

7 January 2005 - Rough Guide updated with details of Exmoor, Cotswold Clouds and Northern Trials. Januarys Snail Mail Classical Gas published.

4 January 2005 - Details of Falcons Murray's March Hare Classic Trial that takes place in Beds, Herts and Bucks on 13th March added.



3 January 2005 - Added two further parts to the article on Neil Bray's Y Type Ford Restoration. Also corrected the date for Falcons Southern Autos PCT on The Rough Guide.

2 January 2005 - Michael's January Musings added and Site Stats Updated.

1 January 2005 - Rough Guide Updated and Falcon Page Updated with 2005 dates. Falcon have found some new sections in the Hemel Hempstead area for The March Hare Classic on 13 March. Working parties are being organised during January to clear some under-growth. If you can help please contact Mike Pearson or Arnold Lane.

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