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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.

2002 Stuff

Preston1.jpg (5977 bytes)

28 December 2002 - Check out more Edinburgh Pictures on the MCC site.  Murray MacDonald (double click on the thubnail on the left for a bigger picture) took part in The Preston Rally in his Golf Gti. He finished 25th despite one of the front wheels flapping around when one of the bolts came out of the front suspension. Michael's December Musings added rather late! Some changes to the layout of this page, including showing the stats in Excel format.

0301ICW.jpg (10487 bytes)

21 December 2002 - Sadly Will Hoy has died. Mike Haywards History of The March Hare Trial added.

0301StuartBurledge.JPG (10862 bytes)

14 December 2002 - Corrections made to The Allen Trial Report. Check out these great links on these  Allen Trial pieces by Carlie Hart. "The Story of The Allen Trial" and "The Organisation of The Allen Trial". The Allen Trial is organised by The Bristol Motor Club . There are a lot of updates to check out over on Section Begins and don't forget to catch up on the latest ACTC Results and Championship Positions and down-load the regs for The Clee Hills Trial. Radio 4 fans - If you were out Friday night did you know that Debbie knows the truth? Check out The Archers site or The Archers Pages over on the BBC Site.

8 December 2002 - Allen Trial report and pictures updated. Lots of stuff moved over to The Archive Site.

0212Michael.jpg (4980 bytes)

3 December 2002 - Michael's Mechanic's Trial article turns out to be more about fixing Beetle Brakes! Allen Trial piece started with more to come.

Bettencourt-Gomes01s.jpg (3573 bytes)

24 November - Gigi Needs a Ride  - Classical Gas received the following e-mail from Dave Hancock who edits the MSA‘s newsletter :-
"Michael I was given your details by Anne Whellock of the MCC. Can you help by posting the following in Classical Gas - The MSA publication, Motorsports Now!, is running a feature on Classic Trialling in the Winter 2002 issue. We want to follow this up by competing in the Lands End Trial in Easter 2003. Our Rallying Correspondent, rally driver, Gigi Bettencourt-Gomes, wants to drive or  co-drive so that she can write the story. We just need a car and a partner for her. Can anyone help?
Thanks - Dave Hancock
Editor, Motorsports Now!"

The December Snail Mail Version of Classical Gas is available in PDF Format here. Some of the stuff there has not yet been posted on this site!

200211Fred.jpg (8979 bytes)

14 November - Mechanics Trial reported by Fred Gregory. Check out BrianSussex's site about off-road-biking and his Calender off bike trials

14 November - Sadly John Temple of The Dellow Register has died.

3 November - Michael's November Musing's added. Check out the FindIt Site Cars section to find the vehicle you want or the parts you need. Computer Nerds may be interested in the pdf 995 site. It appears to offer a free program that will write Acrobat files which are the ideal way to publish regs, route instructions etc on the web. Let me know how you get on if you try it. Added a couple of little bit's to The Edinburgh report.

0210BrickRog.jpg (10693 bytes)

21st October - Updated The Edinburgh report and added report of The Gill Morrell Trial. I marshalled at The BTRDA PCT Final on Sunday. Well done Barrie Parker who deservedly won the Gold Star.

19th October - Rough Guide Up-Dated (The Manx Trophy Trial scheduled for 4 May 2003 may not take place) 60 hits to the site last Thursday - wow - thanks Mum! - You can see the hit stats at the foot of the page

200210jp.jpg (4356 bytes)

19th October - Done some tidying and added more pictures to The Edinburgh Report. The results came this morning so no doubt I will go back and update it a bit during the week.

17th October - Did some more work on The Edinburgh Report last night to include the info from e-mails and the web community.

16th October - more updates on The Edinburgh Report

12th October - Updated Edinburgh report (although it's still not finished)

7th October - Edinburgh Report started.

0210Chris.jpg (2917 bytes)

4th October - Motorsport Mixture - a look at some of Michael's summer excursions. Also here's a link to a couple of Mountain Bike Sites. The first is Beds Fat Trax which is my local club. Then there's, run by a guy called Jack its' a sort of Mountain Biking Classical Gas! Falcon will be hosting the BTRDA PCT Final at Little Brickhill (click here for map) on 20th October. If you are available to marshal please drop Verdun Webley a mail. Rough Guide and Falcon Pages Updated

29 September - Michael's Musings for October added. Want to hire a flash motor in the West Country? Check out Cornwall Classic Car Hire Another good link to look at is over at ShellGeoStar.Com They have one of the best Journey Planners I have seen, using a different Map program to the usual ones.

200209Arnold.jpg (7634 bytes)

24 September - September Surprise report completed & Rough Guide Updated Check out The Web Community for some interesting pieces on The Exe Valley by Brian Sussex and Andrew Brown. By the way - If you haven't checked out Andrews Site recently I should drop by. Also to mention that Falcon will be running the BTRDA PCT Final at Brickhill sometime in the October/November.

13 September - Event details for Ebworth Chase & Exmoor Clouds updated on The Rough Guide, Michael's September Musings added. Corrected the problem with the regs on The Falcon page. Report of Falcon's September Surprise Autotest started.

xFBadge.jpg (7577 bytes)

9 September  - Steve Pearce, a past SOD's Chairman, died suddenly from a heart attack during August.
- Mike Pearson is proposing to run a PCT test day in the Chilterns (probably between Dunstable and Tring) on 17 or 24 November. If you are interested drop Mike an e-mail.
- Updated the Falcon page with regs you can download and print of the Autotest near Biggleswade on 22 September + Falcon's 2003 competition Dates

17 August - Falcon Page updated with the regs for the 1st September Autotest and details of the visit to the Jaguar factory on 20th November. Also check out the message board on The Classical Gas Web Community to keep up-to-date on an interesting discussion about the format of The Edinburgh Trial.

14 August - Rough Guide updated with details of the Exe Valley Trial on 22nd September. Interesting official site for the Jawa Speedway bike.

9 August - Michael's August Musings added. Further updates to the Rough Guide on The Taw and Torridge and Edinburgh Trials. 7 August - Rough Guide Updated.

0208Biking.jpg (11361 bytes)

31 July - Racing In The Woods - On a Mountain Bike! Done a lot of tidying-up of the recent stuff page and sub-pages to make it easier to navigate around.

0208Simon.jpg (5820 bytes)

22 July - Simon Robson win's Falcon's Midsummer Madness Autotest. Is this the first Liege FTD? Michael's July Musings added.

8 July - The Testing Trial will not take place this Sunday. Click here to see the announcement from John Aley. Details of Falcon's Autotest on 21st July added. It's at Upper Caldecote near Biggleswade (North up the A1, first left after the Sainsbury's roundabout and look for the Castrol arrows on the right). Could be just the job for those of you car drivers who are disappointed to miss The Testing Trial. Super tests with little or no reversing.

10 June - Trials on TV - Information about a program called "Off The Road" that will be screened on Discovery Home and Leisure starting on Tuesday 11 June. The program on 9 July will feature The Clee Hills. Updated The Rough Guide.

7  June - Falcon page up-dated. Michael's June Musings added, Spring Fever Autotest reported. Andrew Brown's site has been updated with a marvellous piece on Kineton and lots of new Marlin stuff. Andrew has a mailing list to inform readers of his up-dates. if you subscribe to this using a Hotmail address you may not recive these. I have made some notes how to fix this over on The Web Community.

12 May - Falcon Page updated with regs for the Spring Fever Autotest on 19th May. This event will be held on a nice smooth grass surface in the paddock behind Neil Brays house at Upper Caldecote near Biggleswade. If you would like to enter the regs are on the Falcon page. If you would like to come along to chat or see what it's all about drop me an e-mail and I will tell you how to get there.

0206TonyB.jpg (6986 bytes)

6 May - The Brooklands manifestation reported.

2002BH2x.jpg (11762 bytes)

27 April 2002 - Michael's (May) Musings added. Tidied up The Lands End Report,

Want to know more about Classic Trials? Then go to Brooklands on Sunday 5th May:-

The Banking Trial - Trials competition that will take place on the famous banking.
The Test Hill - Pre 1941 vehicles will be assulting this steep surfaced road.
Vehicle Displays - Will include trials machinery, ancient and modern and other machinery associated with the history of the MCC.
Brooklands is open from 10am to 5pm and it will cost 7 to get in. For details of how to get there and what else you can see check out The Brooklands Web Site.
0205JohnLees.jpg (10483 bytes)

14 April - Rough Guide Updated, Lands End 2002 Report added.

MWLKens.jpg (13868 bytes)

27 March - March Hare report added. Michael's Musings for March and April added.

0204Ross.jpg (13555 bytes)

13 March - Ross Nuten goes clear on Murray's March Hare, Tim Lakin wins Falcon's Brickhill Championship PCT (report by Duncan Stephens), Fixed link to Mud Trialling & the Aussie Austin 7 Club, Updated the Rough Guide

Duncanj.jpg (9234 bytes)

17 February - Michael Muses on Success and Failure! + Duncan Stephens reports on the BTRDA Sporting Trials Final

0203StuartC.jpg (14983 bytes)

12 February - Pictures added to Edlesborough Trial and Cotswold Clouds 10 February  - First Drafts of reports on Falcon's Edelsborough Trial and The Cotswold Clouds added.

Exmoor Report by Mark Rosten-Edwards added - Thanks Mark

0203BR.jpg (15769 bytes)

29 January - Clee Report and Pictures added.

26 January - Falcon and Rough Guide Pages up-dated. Check out Tim and Anne Whellock's new Site. It's plugging their business but it's very nice. They have intersting cars for sale, including trials machinery and supply an extensive range of specialist lubricants. Letters page updated.

24 January - Claggy Clee - Results and a couple of pictures added. Still "under-construction" - report to follow.

Michael's (rather Falcon orientated) January Musings added.

0202WWTillerton.jpg (6130 bytes)

13 January - Added pictures and some more text to the Exeter report. Check out the MCC site where you will find Provisional results under "Exeter Trial"   btw - any of you other Raymond Chandler fans hear the new reading of "The Big Sleep" on Book at Bedtime over the holiday? btw2 - This page hit a new record on two days last week with 70 and 69 hits. Thanks for stopping by.

Don't forget Falcon have a single venue trial near Dustable on 27th January. It's a Clubsport event so you don't need a Competition Licence. You can take part of you are an MCC member. View and Print the Reg's over on The Falcon Page. (Note to event organisers - I am always happy to promote your events on these pages, just e-mail me the details).

9 January 2002 - Published the draft's of two Exeter reports. The first by Michael Leete - titled Splendid Exeter, the second a nice account of his trial by Stuart Cairney. Both are still "under construction" and input would be appreciated. Lots more stuff over on The Web Community.

Derek2.jpg (18720 bytes)

1st January 2002 - A frantic scurry of activity and two new pages. Derek's Greyhound is an attempt to trace the origin's of the Ford Derek Fleming trialled while he was building "Primrose". I have also put together a little piece titled A Touch of Class, about the Web Community debate on the potential eligibility of Mike Hayward's Mk 3 Escort into class 3.

30 December - The real "Badtrans" and the hoax "sulfnbk" viruses seem to have effected many of us trialling computer nerds. Lets hope you had some up-to-date virus protection! You can catch up with the latest news and views over on The Web Community. For the less technical I have written a few words of explanation about these Virulent Viruses

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