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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.

2001 Stuff

31 December - Rough Guide updated with details of The Exmoor Trial and Falcon's Clubsport event at Edlesborough on 27 January (open to MCC members, no Competition Licence reqd.). Click here to visit the Falcon page to view and print the reg's. Check out this link for an Interesting Site about 1950's Ford Specials.

16 December - Rough Guide updated and Michael's Musings for December added with my thoughts on what happens if we go to sleep at the wheel.

8 December - David Alderson has now established his home in Turkey. Check out his site and plan your holiday.

Founders1.jpg (12949 bytes)

27 November - MCC Founders Night reported

17 November - Ian Davis reports on The Exmoor Clouds and Adrian Marfel's victory on this rough, tough event.

Rockingham.jpg (20881 bytes)

3 November - In a rare diversion from the Grass Roots I went to Rockingham back in September to see the inaugural CART race at Britains newest circuit. Michael's Musings for November & October added. Link to Watling Motor Sport Club added. Letters from Ralph Lane and Russ (Turner Webmaster) Filby added. Finally check out The Classical Gas Web Community for news and views on the Exmoor Clouds Trial, some great pictures of the Ebworth Chase by John Salter and a lively debate on class eligibility.

22 October - Gill Morrell Report added. Catch up with the latest MCC News

15 October - Mike Pearson and Robin Howard take premier honours at The Gill Morrell Trial

13 October - Autum Antic's report added. Falcon and Rough Guide pages updated.

30 September - Arnold Lane FTD at Autumn Antic's

Site Contents page added

29 September - Rough Guide updated, Turner Tales from Turkey - David Alderson links Jack Turners racing cars with a well known Classic Trials driver. Tidied Recent Stuff and split it up a bit more to make the pages faster to load.

0110GrahamRaeburn.jpg (10944 bytes)

22 September - Michael's September Musing's added. September Surprise report and pictures added.

11 September - MCC Autumn Newsletter published by kind permission of John Aley.

10 September - Graham Raeburn sets FTD at Falcon's September Surprise Autotest, Updates to the Rough Guide. The Allen Trial is definitely off. See message from Pete Hart over on the Web Community. The Exmoor Clouds is definitely on. Check out the Rough Guide or the Minehead Motor Club Web Site. Finally check out the latest event news from Simon Woodall over at the ACTC Site

0109Turner1.jpg (14193 bytes)

1 September - Added Turner Tales, a page delving a little into the history of Jack Turner and his cars

0109Owens.jpg (16192 bytes)

26 August - Follow the Caldecote Cars link to read about Nigel Taylor's Turner Mk1 and Owen Turner's Imp with K series power. Some chanres to the site. Divided Recent stuff by splitting out 2000 stuff to make the pages quicker to load

21st August -Michael's August Musings added.  Rough Guide updated. Check out NEWS on the ACTC site to see Simon Woodalls detailed notes on how the autumn's Classic Trials are affected by F&M. Then proceed to the Founders Night page for details of some proposed new MCC do's on 10th November.

9th August - Check out these new links - Trials Action a very professional site all about Motorcycle Trials although more about Dougie Lampkin than John Lee's it's still well worth a visit!   Trial's with a Morris Minor has some interesting stuff about pre-WW2 trialling, A7 Mud Trials - you won't find a mention of Barry Clarke here as this is all about action down under, Hillclimbing with the Ashley Cleeve Morris is exactly what it says although the link didn't work last time I checked it.   Finally don't miss the official Archers page.

MCC Badge.jpg (27001 bytes)

Set Saturday 10th November aside to attend an MCC Founders Evening event. You can read about the ones I know about here.

4th August - added - A message on Founders Night from MCC president John Aley

0108SRLeige.jpg (16024 bytes)

31 July - Simon Robson won the July Joust when Falcon's Autotest season started up on 22nd July.

MComp.jpg (18906 bytes)

14 July - Digital Drama's - Updating the Classical Gas Hard Disk was not as easy as anticipated! Made a few corrections to the Buckler piece. Thanks Ken! Also to let you know that "The Counter"  wanted money to continue the on-line view of the site stats so this facility ain't available no more - although I think the various Counter's still Count!

Bucklers2lo.jpg (16070 bytes)

8 July 2001 -  I have been fascinated by Bucklers for some time and had planned to go to the Buckler Day at Long Lawford at the end of June. However, the pressure of the changes at the day job prevented that, along with much else this summer. Ken Green came up trumps with a very nice report by Stan Hibberd.

7 July 2001 - Bored? want something to read? Then click here to check out the Classical Gas Archive Site where you can find lots of stuff that was published here in the past but tidied up so it's easier to read. ACTC Chairman Simon Woodall has posted an updated status of the autumn's Classic Trials at ACTC NEWS. I have used this information to update the Classical Gas Rough Guide.

29 June - Michael has added his July Musing's and promises not to leave it so long until the next update!

0106Simon.jpg (16066 bytes) 2 June -  The ACTC has a new Technical Team!
Your Webmaster muses about what he has been up to without any mud to wallow in!  Falcon won the Quiz against Milton Keynes Motor Club.  (moving to archive site 19 March 2003)

7 May - The Rough Guide updated with news from Ken Green about an MCC Social event that will take place at Gaydon Museum on 19 August. I have rather neglected this page recently and would appreciate an e-mail of any updates or mistakes e-mail Michael Also a note to Duncan - I tried to reply to your e-mail but your sever seems on strike. If you e-mail me your snail mail I will send the stuff you need.

Falcon page updated with details of the Quiz night on 16th May at Heath and Reach near Leighton Buzzard. Fancy forming a team?

Allenbrake2.jpg (12336 bytes) 1 May - Check out Adrian Jowett's dirt bike page. Get information and parts for your Beetle at Air-cooled.Net
Trials are about man and machine against nature, read about some of the Technical Trauma's you can encounter! (moving to archive site 19 March 2003)
JPFugativelo.jpg (16238 bytes) 8th April - Read a little about the history of one of last years Triple winning cars, plus a few other snippets in WWF News. Added a couple of links. The first is a report on last years Edinburgh that I hadn't seen before. And some bits about Trials Beetles on one of the webs many VW pages.(moving to archive site 19 March 2003)
200104MWLSimms.jpg (13690 bytes)

1st April - The MCC/MAC Brooklands do is has been called off because of Foot and Mouth. See Simon's update over on The MCC Site for more information and some other interesting news! Catch up with the Editor's views - Michael's Musings for April, and rather belatedly March, have been added. Finally see who won what at The Falcon Award's

DRLA.gif (32252 bytes)

19 March 2001 - Dig those Dells - Learn about, and get bits for, your Dellorto's

0104BarrieAwardlo.jpg (16260 bytes) 10 March 2001 - The MSA opening PCT round is fully reported by DuncanStephens

Falcon page  updated (moving to archive site 19 March 2003)

Catch up with the latest additions to Andrew Browns site. A couple of fascinating pieces. One all about Axles and Diffs. The other a history of Juniper,  a section so loved by Austen May. Also the Exeter results are now over on the MCC site. Finally a link to Derek Hibbert's site where you can see and buy his pictures and Video's. -  28th February 2001

0103BrickhillDavidlo.jpg (8807 bytes) Some notes (but unfortunately not a full report) on Falcon's RAC championship PCT at Brickhill. Also Ken Green sent me an interesting link to a site all about Rally and Trials Beetles  (added 25 February 2001) (moving to archive site 19 March 2003)

Do not pass go, do not collect 200, go immediately to Andrew Brown's new Web Site. Andrew is an enthusiastic Marlin owner, Stroud member, ACTC Rights of Way Officer, Trial organiser and student of historic trials sections. Where do you find the time Andrew! Added some new letters and rather belatedly Michael's February Musings - 14 February 2001 - oh and before I forget Pat has updated the ACTC site

cljimlo.jpg (14795 bytes) Mike Chatwin wins Classic Clouds, first draft added on 11th February 2001 and cleaned up on the 14th. (moving to archive site 19 March 2003)
2001ExmoorDMlo.jpg (27057 bytes) Read about the Editors day in the hot seat, passengering for Dudley Sterry on The Exmoor Trial (first draft published 31 January 2001) and finished on 2nd February. Learn more about Dudley's car in a piece I wrote back in October 1997. (moving to archive site 19 March 2003)
Clee2001Dellowlo.jpg (11315 bytes) 21 January - Today's Clee Hills was snowed off with the roads to many of the sections impassable. (moving to archive site 19 March 2003)

Updates to Falcon and Rough Guide pages on 20th January and added a new Letter.

Ex2001MGPB.jpg (22538 bytes) Exeter 2001 The first (rather rough) draft added on 15th January and updated on 18th January (moving to archive site 19 March 2003)

Rough Guide updated on 3rd January. And by the way it's true. David Thompson has bought David Alderson's Troll but will still be using his ex Graham Marshall Buggy on The Exeter. You may find The AJS and Matchless Owners Club has some good Trials stuff, also The BSA Front Wheel Drive Club describes some trials adventures as does The Aerial HT5 Trials Motorcycle site. If you have any interesting sites you would like to share with fellow Classical Gassers drop Michael an e-mail

January Musings (and some gossip!) added on 30th December. Also check out some more links. The NASCAR site is very good. Once you get past their boring home page!  Continuing on the American theme check out The Pike's Peak page. and some unofficial stuff by a real crazy biker. Then for the more refined I suggest you visit The Brooklands Society.


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