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Kyrle Trial 26 March 2000
Neil's Ford C Type
Lands End
Spring Fever Autotest
Rhona's Buckler
Murrays March Hare 2000 by David Alderson
Midsummer Madness
Testing Trial 2000
A Testing Trial
Arthur Mallock's Trials
What a Scamp
The Scamp
Edinburgh 2000
Gill MorrellTrial
Return to Edinburgh
Exmoor Clouds
Guy Fawkes Trial

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Classical Gas is an independent web site and is not affiliated to any of the clubs or organisers of the events featured. Words and Pictures by Michael unless attributed otherwise. Michael is a proud member of the MCC, ACTC, Dellow Register and Falcon amongst others, but does not represent their views nor the views of any other organisers or clubs.
2000 Stuff

17 December - Check out these new links - The Sporting Car Trials site features quite a bit on former Classic ace Richard Penhale who appears to be selling up and emigrating. The Reliant Web hasn't been updated for a while but is worth a visit, especially for the Kit Car section. Is your club on the Web. check out this bit of John Upham's site. Tetraboost   - get some real lead for your engine. Learn about transmissions over on The Hewland Site. Check out the weather at The Met Office site. Computer nerds - have you checked out ZD-Net? And finally why educate yorself over at the free version of The Encyclopedia Brittanica Site


The Rough Guide was updated on 9th December with details of The Clee Hills Trial and The Buckler Registers Summer Run and quite a bit of other stuff. Also I think I have managed to fix the problems with some of the pictures on the Allen Trial report. Updated Falcon page

Problems posting messages to the Classical Gas Web Community? Thanks to Stuart Cairney we have found the problem. There are three or four old versions on Microsofts Server. You can only post messages if you access the latest one. If you follow this link by clicking here it will take you there. Then bookmark that page or put in your favourites and delete all the links to your old ones. (30 November 2000)

Adrian Marfell wins The Allen Trial on Special Tests (added 29 November 2000) - completed 3rd December 2000

Michael's December Musings were added on 24th November, and the following day a letter from Doug Hagerman about Liege's and some updates to the Rough Guide

Rough Guide updated on 18th November and a letter added from Duncan Stephens. If you are trying to post to the Web Community and are having problems then e-mail me with your message and I will post it for you.

Robert Porter has a Marlin for Sale. It's the one featured in the Leige Targa Leige article


Scamp page updated on 10 November 2000

Guy Fawkes PCT (posted on 5th November and updated on 11th November and 18th November) 16 March 2003 Moving to archive site

5th November - The Stroud Club's Anniversary Trial has been postponed till next year because of all the problems with flooding and the weather. Check out the Web Community for more information.
Added a new letter about the Edinburgh results for Class A bikes. Updated Falcon and Rough Guide Pages

The Exmoor Clouds by Ian Davis (added 29 October 2000) 16 March 2003 - moving to archive site

Return to Edinburgh - John Lees and Stuart Cairney report. (added 29 October 2000)   30 Nov 2002 - Moving to Archive Site
Gill Morrell Memorial Trial (added 18th October 2000)    30 Nov 2002 - Moving to Archive Site
Wet and Windy Edinburgh (updated 18th October 2000)   30 Nov 2002 - Moving to Archive Site
October Feature - The Scamp - (added 1st October 2000) - Moving to Archive Site   30 Nov 2002 - Moving to Archive Site
11 September - What a Scamp! - Roger Dudley wins Falcon's September Surprise Autotest 30 Nov 2002 - 30 Nov 2002 - Moving to Archive Site
September Feature - The Trials Career of Arthur Mallock - A look-back to the start of today's trials specials. (started 28 August and finished 2nd September  2000) 30 Nov 2002 - Moving to Archive Site
Simon and Matt Robson gave their new Liege its competition debut on the MCC’s Testing Trial. Read all about their adventures! (10 August 2000) 30 Nov 2002 - Moving to Archive Site


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